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Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney in Anyone But You
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One of the big surprises of 2023 was "Anything But You," a romantic comedy loosely based on Shakespeare’s "Much Ado About Nothing," which featured white-hot performances from stars Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell.

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While expectations were modest for the film, extremely strong word of mouth around the holiday season pushed this romantic comedy past $200 million at the worldwide box office — making it the highest-grossing Shakespearean adaptation of all time.

Last month, the film hit VOD platforms, but if you’re looking for something to stream before the film hits Netflix later this year, we’ve got you covered with these fun, romantic movies like "Anyone But You." 

‘Much Ado About Nothing’ (1993)

You may already know that the characters of Bea and Ben mirror Beatrice and Benedick from "Much Ado About Nothing,” but that’s not the only thing that these two films have in common. Throw in leads with smoldering chemistry, a pitch-perfect enemies-to-lovers dynamic, and picturesque settings, and you’ve got a film that fans of “Anything But You” will love. 

Released in 1993 and directed by Kenneth Branagh, this adaptation is widely regarded not only as one of the best adaptations of "Much Ado About Nothing," but Shakespeare in general. Branagh's direction is praised for its vibrancy and accessibility, making Shakespeare's complex play understandable and entertaining for even those unfamiliar with the original work, and the story will of course feel instantly familiar to fans of “Anything But You.”

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‘The Proposal’

If you enjoy not only the enemies-to-lovers trope but also a good fake relationship, “The Proposal” is a movie you’ll love! Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds star as a businesswoman and her assistant, who cook up a plan to get married so Bullock’s character can avoid deportation. 

The pair pretend to be a loving couple, and while their real relationship begins as disdainful and sarcastic, they soon realize that their act might not be as fake as they initially thought, as real feelings begin to bubble under the surface. 

Fans of "Anything But You" will appreciate how this film shows Bullock and Reynolds’ characters overcoming challenges and learning to appreciate each other's strengths, as their initial animosity melts away, just like what happened with Bea and Ben. 

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‘Pride and Prejudice’ (2005)

Just like "Anything But You" hooked viewers with its enemies-to-lovers story, the 2005 adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice" will leave fans swooning over a similar dynamic.  This cherished novel by Jane Austen is often considered the gold standard for romantic tales, and this film adaptation is one of the few that truly does it justice.

Directed by Joe Wright, the film features stellar performances from Keira Knightley as no-nonsense heroine Elizabeth Bennet and Matthew Macfadyen as literary heartthrob Mr. Darcy. The romantic tension between the pair in this film jumps off the screen thanks in large part to the amazing chemistry between the actors, which simmers as they spar repeatedly before ultimately realizing their feelings for one another in one of the best love confession scenes ever put on film. 

And of course, "Pride and Prejudice" offers more than just a love story as it is also a witty social commentary about class, family dynamics, and the importance of finding love based on true connection. There’s a reason why "Pride and Prejudice" is so beloved and though there are plenty of adaptations out there (shout out to the BBC miniseries, which recently got a nod from the “Barbie” movie of all places), if you’re looking for a movie adaptation, this is the one you want. 

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'Leap Year'

Finding love in unexpected places is one of the key themes of “Leap Year,” which stars Amy Adams as Anna,  a successful and organized woman in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend Jeremy, played by Adam Scott. While the couple is happy for the most part, Anna is frustrated by the lack of a marriage proposal after four years and decides to propose to him instead on Leap Day as is Irish tradition. 

However, her plans are thwarted by bad weather, and she must rely on charming innkeeper Declan (played by Matthew Goode) to help her get to her destination. However, as the pair spend time together Anna develops an attraction to Declan and must confront her true feelings for Jeremy. 

Though “Leap Year” has more of a love triangle than “Anything But You,” both films explore the idea of love taking unexpected turns, and characters grappling with their true feelings, even when they are inconvenient. 

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'The Lost City'

Another Sandra Bullock movie, “The Lost City,” finds the actress playing Loretta Sage, a romance author who is having a rough time moving on and finding inspiration after the death of her archaeologist husband. However, after a disastrous convention appearance, Loretta is kidnapped and brought to a remote jungle location by the villainous Abigail Fairfax (played by Daniel Radcliffe), an eccentric billionaire who believes her latest book is a factual account of a lost city and its hidden treasure.

It will be up to long-time cover model Alan Caprison (played by Channing Tatum) to not only free her from her captor but also help her work through her grief and open herself up to love again along the way. 

Though this movie does deal with some heavy subject matter, it is first and foremost a romantic action-comedy, with plenty of hijinks and larger-than-life setpieces set in a lush jungle landscape. Just like “Anything But You,” this film has plenty of comedy and heart, and Bullock and Tatum make an unlikely but irresistible pair on screen. 

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