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Where to buy the Xbox Series X mini fridge

Screengrab of Xbox Mini Fridge opening from release trailer.
(Image credit: Xbox | YouTube)

An internet meme no longer, the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge is real and went up for pre-order today (October 19). After starting out as a viral online joke, Microsoft announced earlier this year that it will be producing an actual mini-fridge shaped like an Xbox Series X console. 

The replica mini fridge was first showcased during the Xbox E3 2021 presentation, and fans of well-chilled beverages will be pleased to know that Microsoft has now further clarified its price and availability. The Xbox Series X mini fridge is scheduled to ship in December 2021, but pre-orders have already kicked off this week. 

Considering that tracking down an Xbox Series X restock remains a tough task, it wasn't much of a surprise to see this mini fridge also sell out almost instantly. So, if you want to be storing soda in an Xbox Series X-shaped mini fridge this winter, you’ll need to hope for restocks in the coming weeks as the first wave of orders is currently sold out. 

Below you’ll find all the information you need to make your quest to buy an Xbox Series X mini fridge a successful one. We’ll also keep this page updated with restock information as it becomes available. Microsoft has promised this won't be a "limited product" so there will be multiple waves of stock. 

Where to buy the Xbox Series X mini fridge in the U.S. 

In the U.S., the Xbox Series X mini fridge is available exclusively at Target and will retail for $99. Considering the average mini fridge costs between $100-200, this actually puts the themed appliance at the lower end of the cooler market. The Xbox Series X mini fridge listing went live on Target shortly before the retailer started taking orders. The first wave of orders sold out in less than two minutes. 

Where to buy the Xbox Series X mini fridge in the U.K. 

In the U.K., the Xbox Series X mini fridge is exclusive to Game. The gaming retailer is notorious for bundling its Xbox Series X stock with games/accessories but is selling the fridge standalone at its RRP of £89. Pre-orders are currently sold out.

The retailer did promise more stock would be coming, and that proved to be true with a second wave of pre-orders becoming available this week (Tuesday, November 9). This additional allocation is now sold out, but it's a further indication that the Xbox Series X mini fridge is not a one-and-done product. 

More stock will be released over the coming months, so don't fall victim to the scalper market. Just keep checking for restock regularly. Game has also announced that some orders won't ship until January, so we expect the next restock might not be until 2022 at this point. 

What is the Xbox Series X mini fridge?  

Just about everything you need to know is in the name with this one: it’s a mini fridge shaped like an Xbox Series X. 

The product comes from series of online memes which compared the design of the Xbox Series X to a fridge. Microsoft has leaned into the joke and turned the memes into a reality for Xbox fans. 

The Xbox Series X mini fridge will feature LED lights on top, two inner-door shelves, a USB port to charge devices, a DC power adapter to enable the mini fridge to work on the go, and has a storage capacity of up to 12 cans. 

It’s due for release in December 2021 and will retail for $99/£90. 

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