The sweet-sounding Bose Frames just dropped 50% on Amazon

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Want a pair of headphones and glasses all in one? Bose has you covered, and Amazon is offering an epic sale on a trio of Bose Frames smart glasses right now.

The Bose Frames are on sale for $124 at Amazon right now. This deal applies to the Tenor, Soprano, and Tempo models. The Tenor and Soprano Bose Frames are aimed at everyday users, while the Bose Frames Tempo are for fitness fans. All three Bose Frames models have hit new all-time low prices, so if you're ready to make the leap to wearable smart glasses, there's never been a better time. Even better, all three Christmas deals arrive before the holiday. 

Bose Frames: was $249 now $124 @ Amazon

Bose Frames: was $249 now $124 @ Amazon
The Bose Frames smart glasses offer great audio and smart features all in one package. The Soprano and Tenor models are for casual users, while the Tempo model is designed for use while working out. All models are currently 50% off.

While we haven't tested the upgraded Tenor, Soprano, or Tempo Bose Frames, we were very impressed by the original Bose Frames that released a few years back. Bose's smart glasses have only gotten better since then, with a large range of new features.

All the new Bose Frames feature a new EQ system, for even better audio quality on top of what was already a great audio experience. With the Bose Frames, you'll be able to enjoy a bubble of sound, without having to jam earbuds into your ears or disturb anybody around you. 

The Tenor, Soprano, and Tempo Bose Frames also feature gesture controls, which allow you adjust the volume and activate Siri or Google Assistant. Plus, turning the glasses off when you're not using them couldn't be simpler — just place them on your desk upside-down to shut them off.

If you like to listen to music while working out, the Bose Frames Tempo could be your new best friend. They feature increased durability and stability, which makes them great for runners and cyclers. The Bose Frames Tempo could make for a safer workout, too, especially compared to regular running headphones. Due to there being nothing in your ears, there's less chance of missing oncoming traffic if you're in a busy area.

All in all, the Bose Frames offer great audio and smart features in a package that's stylish and comfortable to wear. They're a great buy, especially now that they've hit their lowest price ever.

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