Save $800 on Sleep Number's best smart mattress with integrated sleep tracking

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Sleep Number beds are some of the best mattresses for sleep tracking and adjustable comfort. However, all of that cutting edge tech does come at a price. Luckily, this weekend Sleep Number is offering $800 off its i8 Smart Bed, reducing  a queen to $3,199 (down from $3,999), introducing one of the best discounts we've seen on this highly sought-after beds since Black Friday.

The i8 smart bed is the most popular model in Sleep Number's Innovation Series, a collection which focuses on delivering customizable firmness and pressure relief. With in-built sensors, the smart tech tracks your sleep quality and duration at night and generates a Sleep IQ score via smartphone app so you can see what goes on while you're asleep. 

While there are a lot of extras that can only be unlocked for an additional fee, it's still one of the best smart beds out there and has earned a place on our guide to the best smart beds. Benefits include, 100-night trial, free premium delivery, and a 15-year warranty.

Sleep Number i8 Smart Bed
Was:Now: from $2,599 at Sleep Number

Sleep Number i8 Smart Bed
 from $3,399
Now: from $2,599 at Sleep Number
Saving: $800

Summary: Smart beds are ideal for those who want to improve their sleep quality (and consequently overall health), and the i8 Smart Bed is no exception. This app-controlled smart mattress's biggest selling point is its in-built sleep-tracking sensors, which monitors the duration and stages of your sleep. It then combines this data into a Sleep IQ score, which you'll be sent when you download the Sleep Number app. As the most popular model of the Innovation Series, a collection of smart beds that focus on comfort and firmness, the smart bed’s deep pressure-relieving properties are thanks to the plush layers of CertiPUR-US certified foam to sooth pressure points and adjustable firmness. The bed automatically adjusts the firmness by adapting to your movements. This smart adjustability is perfect for couples who have different body weights and sleep styles, as you can set a different firmness level for each size of the bed. Another big draw is its temperature control, which is down to the ceramic gel which draws away heat all night. However, please be aware that some extras are sold separately, meaning that there are a few features that can only be unlocked for an additional fee. 

Price history: While this sale isn't as big as Sleep Number 30% off deal during Black Friday which saw prices start as low as $2,379, it's still one of the best deals on this smart bed that we've seen outside of major holiday events (the evergreen non-holiday deal tends to knock off $500).

Benefits: 100-night trial | Free premium delivery and set-up | 15-year warranty 

What is a smart bed?

Smart beds are mattresses that contain in-built smart technology. You can usually control the bed's tech features via an app on your smartphone or a remote control. One of the big draws of smart beds is their ability to track your sleep and fitness (using in-built sensors) to help you monitor and improve your health. 

A lot of smart beds are capable of adjusting their firmness and temperature by adapting to your body and measuring your bedroom's temperature and humidity, so you can rest at night in an environment that's more conducive to sleep. 

Some can also help you to wake up better by using smart alarm technology that gradually wakes you up, usually by using chest-level vibrations and heating. However, not all smart mattresses are built the same, so available features can vary from brand to brand and model to model. 

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