iRobot Labor Day sale knocks up to $500 off our favorite robot vacs

iRobot sale
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Wind down from the holiday with the help of a new robot. As part of its Labor Day sales, iRobot is slashing up to $500 off select robot vacs and bundles. 

Currently, you can get the Roomba s9+ bundled with the Braava jet m6 for $1,349.99. That's $200 off and one of the best robot vacuum deals we've ever seen. We especially like this deal because both the Roomba s9+ and the Braava jet m6 won our Editor's Choice award. 

Roomba s9+ w/ Braava jet m6: was $1,549 now $1,349 @ iRobot

Roomba s9+ w/ Braava jet m6: was $1,549 now $1,349 @ iRobot
The ultimate smart home package, iRobot currently has its Roomba s9+ bundled with its Braava jet m6 on sale for $1,34.99. That's $200 off and one of the best iRobot deals we've ever seen. Both robots won our Editor's Choice award and represent the very best iRobot  has to offer. 

Normally on sale for $1,099, the Roomba s9+ is one of the best Roombas you can buy. In our Roomba s9+ review, we said it was powerful and smart enough to actually replace a human with a corded vacuum cleaner. 

The Editor's Choice robot vacuum is smart enough to vacuum where it's needed and less in places where it's not. It works by mapping out the room it will clean. Via its app, you can insert and remove boundaries, like say your dog's food bowls. We also like that it features a self-emptying base designed to limit exposure to dust. Sure, it's loud, but it excelled at cleaning everything from dog hair to cat litter. 

Meanwhile, the Editor's Choice Braava jet m6 is one of the best robot mops you'll find. In our Braava jet m6 review, we found that iRobot's mop cleaned better than every other competitor. It uses the same tech as the s9+ to clean around your apartment while avoiding areas designated as off limits. 

Yes, there are cheaper robot vacs and mops out there, but if you want the best of the best — these are the two models we'd pick. 

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