Hurry! Antonline has restocked the Metroid Dread Special Edition

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The release of Metroid Dread was greeted with much fanfare earlier this month, but some Nintendo Switch owners were disappointed to not be able to get their hands on the Metroid Dread Special Edition. This collector’s item sold out at the pre-order phase, but Antonline is giving gamers a second chance to secure one. 

While stock lasts, you can get the Metroid Dread Special Edition + a 12-month Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership for $124 at Antonline. This bundle packages both items together for their usual retail price. There’s no scalping involved here. We suggest ordering yours quickly, as we don’t expect stock to stick around very long. 

Metroid Dread Special Edition + 12-months Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership: $124 @ Antonline

Metroid Dread Special Edition + 12-months Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">$124 @ Antonline
The Metroid Dread Special Edition is the ideal collector's piece for fans of the long-running series, featuring the full game, a set of art cards, and a 190-page artbook that spans the series' entire 2D history. It originally sold out at the pre-order phase, but Antonline has restocked it as part of a bundle with a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

Fans just after the Metroid Dread Special Edition may be frustrated to also have to purchase a Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership ($34 retail value), but considering the former is currently being listed on resale sites for as much as $175, this is still a very good deal. Plus, you can share the 12-month Switch Online membership with up to eight friends and family members. 

What makes this special edition so coveted? In addition to the full Metroid Dread game, you get a collectible steel game case, five high-quality art cards displaying key art for each 2D Metroid game, as well as a 190-page art book that spans the franchise’s entire 2D history. It’s a package designed for serious Metroid fans. 

As for the game itself, well it’s easily one of the best Nintendo Switch games out there. In our Metroid Dread review, we said: “Metroid Dread meets — and arguably surpasses — its lofty expectations, with demanding gameplay, clever level design and an ambitious story.”

If you’re a long-time Metroid fan, you’ve probably already picked up your copy of Dread, but don’t let the chance to own this very limited special edition pass you by. It’s not been confirmed if Nintendo will ever produce anymore, so this could be your last opportunity. 

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