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Epic Black Friday projector deal — get a massive 120-inch 4K picture for $1,000 off

Samsung LSP7T 4K Laser Projector
(Image credit: Samsung)

You can find some pretty big screens among the best Black Friday deals, but what if you want to get a really, really big screen, and can't seem to find a 4K TV big enough? The Samsung LSP7T 4K Laser Projector is here to save the day in one of the best Black Friday projector deals we've seen.

This short throw laser projector can produce up to 120-inches of gorgeous 4K picture, with HDR for enhanced contrast and color, and smart TV capability built in, all from a few inches away. Amazon has the Samsung LSP7T 4K Laser Projector for $1,000 off (opens in new tab), selling for just $2,497, the lowest price ever! 

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Samsung LSP7T 4K Laser Projector: was $3,499 now $2,497 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
Get a cinematic short throw laser projector for $1,000 off with Samsung's The Premiere LSP7T 4K single-laser smart projector. With only a few inches of distance, this short throw projector can put up a giant 120-inch 4K picture, with 2200 lumens of brightness for great visibility any time of day. With 2.2 channel sound, wireless connectivity and Samsung's Tizen smart TV software built-in, the projector can also replace your smart TV.

Ultra HD resolution is handled by a laser system that can produce 2200 lumens of bright, 4K picture, along with HDR support for HDR10 and Samsung's own HDR10 Plus formats, making it great for getting a fantastic movie-viewing experience. It's even bright enough to offer full visibility during the day, without pulling the shade or dimming the lights.

This premium laser projector does a lot more than just bring you a big-screen theater experience at home. The short-throw design lets it stow out of the way, without needing any ceiling mount or requiring setting it up in the middle of the room. Built-in 2.2-channel sound means you don't need to install any speakers to enjoy a movie or the big game.

Samsung's Tizen smart TV software makes this projector just as smart as any of Samsung's excellent smart TVs, and is ready to stream from all your favorite services, like Netflix, Disney Plus and Apple TV. It also has voice control built in, with Bixby, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant ready to go after signing in, no extra smart speaker required.

The premium design is also a beautiful departure from the average projector. With a compact design that looks like something between a soundbar and an air purifier, it's elegant enough that you won't feel compelled to hide it whenever you're done with a show.

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