Open AI Sora is amazing — here's the 5 best AI video clips I've seen so far

Sora clip of shark on beach
(Image credit: OpenAI)

OpenAI’s Sora artificial intelligence video model isn’t even publicly available yet, but that hasn’t stopped it becoming one of the most talked about AI tools of the year.

Feeding this hype is a seemingly endless supply of videos generated by OpenAI staff members with access to the Sora engine and after watching them, it is clear why everyone is so excited. 

Sora generates higher resolution, longer, more realistic and natural video than any other artificial intelligence video generator we’ve seen so far. 

Open AI Sora: What are the best clips?

The AI tool seems to be able to work multimodality, able to take image, video or text as an input including creating a new clip from two completely different input videos. 

A lot of the clips released initially were created as part of the research process involved in building the AI engine in the first place, but we’re now seeing output inspired by real prompts.

1. Night time shell

(Image: © OpenAI)

One of my highlights is a crab walking along a beach. Seemingly ordinary but the shell of the crab is an incandescent lightbulb — and it is shining light in the darker scene.

This was shared by Sora engineer Aditya Ramesh with the prompt: "nighttime footage of a hermit crab using an incandescent lightbulb as its shell".

2. Floral tiger

(Image: © OpenAI)

Connor Holmes, systems lead on the Sora project, shared a breathtaking clip of a floral tiger breaking apart into petals then reforming. It is an example of how well Sora is able to handle complex motion and scattering — something Holmes says they are looking to expand.

3. Making Minecraft

(Image: © OpenAI)

Soon you won’t even be able to tell whether that Minecraft demo on YouTube is real or AI generated as Sora seems well adept at generating fake footage of the block world. 

This clip is from Tim Brooks from the OpenAI Sora team and made with the prompt: "Minecraft with the most gorgeous high res 8k texture pack ever".

4. Making multiple clips

(Image: © OpenAI)

One of the most remarkable abilities the OpenAI team has showcased with Sora is its ability to generated multiple well formed clips at the same time. 

Bill Peebles, working on AGI and Sora at OpenAI generated an example and said: "This is a single video sample from Sora. We didn't stitch this together; Sora decided it wanted to have five different viewpoints all at once!" 

Prompting one commentor on X to joke "Is Sora actually GPT-5 in disguise?"

5. Couple on the beach as shark says hi

(Image: © OpenAI)

Finally a video ripe for a sound effect, maybe generated by ElevenLabs, is a clip of a couple having fun on the beach as a shark jumps out to say hi. 

What is remarkable about the clip from Tim Brooks is the woman turning her head laughing just as the Shark appears. Realism isn't as great as others and neither is motion but there is something remarkable about it regardless of its issues.

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