Former Apple employee launches AI-powered eyeglasses

A picture of the Frame AI glasses with their Mister Power charger
(Image credit: Brilliant Labs)

A former Apple employee is launching smart eyeglasses that will rely on a variety of AI features to help you see and understand the world around you.

Hardware startup Brilliant Labs on Thursday (Feb. 8) unveiled its new AI-powered eyeglasses, called Frame. The glasses, which come in your choice of black, gray, or clear, allow you to rely on OpenAI to get information about the world around you as you walk around. The eyeglasses can help you identify objects, places, and other points of interest, and get information about them. Utilizing Whisper AI’s audio translation features, you can also get instant information on the audio clues you interact with throughout the day.

Brilliant Labs has even bundled search engine features into the glasses, thanks to Perplexity’s AI-powered search engine. So, as you wear the glasses throughout the day, you can query Perplexity and get answers to your questions as you walk around.

At the center of that experience is Noa, the device’s smart AI assistant. You can download the Noa app to your iOS or Android device and pair it with Frame. From there, Noa will learn your from your queries, where you go, and what you’re interested in, and create a bespoke experience based on its understanding of you.

Brilliant Labs has raised $6 million to build next-generation hardware. The company, which is led by Bobak Tavangar, a former Apple employee, previously launched an AR-powered device called Monocle. While that device, which can be attached to your glasses, is still available, the company now appears to be focused on seeing if it can compete in the burgeoning AI hardware space.

Indeed, AI-powered hardware is quickly gaining steam with an ever-increasing number of devices hitting store shelves. However, those devices, ranging from Humane’s AI Pin to Rabbit’s R1, are still vying for mainstream attention. And in some cases, it’s difficult for users to know how they will use them — and get the most out of the experience.

Brilliant Labs is accepting preorders on the Frame starting on Thursday (Feb. 8). The glasses, which start at $349, are available with and without prescriptions, though be aware that only spherical prescriptions are supported, so those with an astigmatism and other eye maladies may be left waiting for future support. The Brilliant Labs Frame will be available in April.

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