Verizon Fios Upload Speeds to Match Downloads

While it may not help speed up your Netflix streaming, Verizon is boosting uploads on its Fios Network to match download speeds. 

Verizon is taking advantage of its all-fiber-optic network to offer symmetrical download and upload speeds for its Internet subscribers. The cheapest plan starts at 25 Mbps up and down for $29.99 per month with a two-year contract or $39.99 without one.

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The symmetrical speeds are available immediately for new customers and will be rolling out to existing subscribers through the fall. Eager subscribers can try to jump to the front of the line by signing up for the free MyRewards+ program (if you're not already enrolled).

To get a sense of where Fios stands today, we tested a current Verizon Fios 50/25 Mbps subscription with We saw an average of 37.5 Mbps for uploads. That's higher than the listed speed, but it's fairly common to see Fios deliver faster-than-advertised speeds throughput.

Over time, this could be a big win for Verizon customers, as the United States continues to fall behind many other nations in Internet speed. A big part of that is anemic upload speeds.

According to Ookla (the company that operates, the U.S. trails global upload speeds with a rate of 7.8 Mbps versus the world average of 8.3 Mbps. The country's position looks even worse when you look at developed nations. Countries like Sweden (26.2 Mbps), South Korea (45.6 Mbps) and Russia (21.9 Mbps) all enjoy vastly higher upload rates than America. 

In terms of value, Verizon still leads the way compared to Comcast and Time Warner. Comcast's $39.99 per month plan offers 25 Mbps down but only 5 Mbps up, just 20 percent of what is offered by Verizon Fios. Time Warner is even further behind, with 20 Mbps down and only 2 Mbps up for $44.99. 

Verizon's speeds may be especially tantalizing for users who upload a lot of video to Youtube or Vimeo. The increased upload performance should also provide the ability to live stream on sites like and Ustream, where 2 Mbps is often the bare minimum needed to stream 720p content.

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  • edwinmeese
    Doesn't matter what the Mbps is if you can't afford the bytes. Comcast Sr. VP David Cohen has publicly stated that Comcast will implement Metered Billing for internet service "across our entire footprint" within the next 3-5 years. The National Cable Industry Association (Thomas Wheeler's old employer) has publicly predicted that the average consumer billing for internet service will be $200 to $300 per month in that same time period. HUGE MONEY and HUGE PROFIT.

    We cannot let these cable and telecom monopolies own the internet for their own fun and profit. It's not right.
  • Hime
    The least expensive plan that Verizon shows for Florida is for a 25/25 internet-only service at over $80 per month. Where is this magical $40 per month plan you speak of?!