Best Streaming Video Services

The days of having to tune in live or buy expensive discs in order to watch your favorite shows and movies are gone. Online streaming makes it possible to watch everything from live news and sports to classic movies to modern TV favorites on your own time, and on any device you choose.

There are a ton of streaming services out there, and no two are alike. YouTube is probably the best place to start, but there's a whole Web full of content beyond the ubiquitous streaming site, ranging from movies to TV shows to music videos and more. To help you get the most out of your smart TV, game console, set-top box, tablet, smartphone or computer, Tom's Guide has broken down our favorite streaming media services. Whatever you like to watch, there's a service with your tastes in mind, and in your price range.

Netflix: Best Overall Streaming Service

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Hulu Plus: Best Streaming Service for Network TV

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Amazon Prime Instant Video: Best Streaming Service for Families

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Sling.TV: Best Cable TV Replacement

PlayStation Vue: Best for PlayStation Owners

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Crackle: Best Streaming Service for Vegging Out

The Best Online-Original TV Shows

Funny or Die: Best Streaming Service for Comedy Fans

Twitch: Best Streaming Service for Gamers

Vevo: Best Streaming Service for Music Fans

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