20 Windows 7 Tips and Tricks for Tablets

Control Screen Rotation

Some tablets rotate the screen automatically as you turn them from landscape to portrait and back (or if you have a tablet PC with a keyboard like the Dell Inspiron Duo, when you slide the keyboard out or put it away). This can get a bit disconcerting if you’re handing someone your tablet to show them a Web page or just getting comfortable on your couch, so slates like the EXO PC tend not to use their accelerometer for automatic screen rotation. Some tablets have a physical button on the side to rotate the screen when you want to, or to lock it when you don’t. But whatever the tablet maker has decided to do, you can always rotate the screen yourself.

The Orientation dropdown in the Screen Resolution control panel lets you pick Landscape, Portrait and the reversed versions of each (if you find the screen more comfortable to hold the other way around, but it’s not very convenient to open all the time. Pin the Windows Mobility Center to the taskbar and you can rotate the screen from there (and control Wi-Fi, power options and more).

The Mobility Center has finger-friendly controls for options including rotate.

If you use a physical rotate button, you can choose which order to change screen layout.

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  • Excellent & thorough article. Now they just need to make Windows tablets that are competitively priced and preferably with an active digitizer!
  • How about a full and comprehensive list of Windows 7 tablets that are available to BUY
  • FANTASTIC article, the best piece of IT journalism I've seen yet on the subject of Windows 7 tablets and touch! Well done!
  • I agree with most of what's said here. However, I think the pen flicks is a total dud. It works poorly and is prone to errors. I think Microsoft should either remove pen flicks from Windows 7 or give it a major overhaul. My strong advice to anyone is to just turn it off!
  • Excellent article! I've discovered most of these myself either through other sites or experimentation, but I've been a Windows tablet user for a couple of years now. Having all these great tips in one place is sure to help make it easier for everyone to optimize their tablet experience! Thank you!
  • http://forum.tabletpcreview.com/
    Lots of info.

    THANK YOU Toms for this article. It would be a cold day in hell before ENDGADGET posted something like this.
  • Great article. I found the origami experience pack quite handy, and actually I`m using all the features on my Ep121. The UI(origami now & origami central) is great albeit unfinished. Thanks.