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Learn which laptops are the best to buy, how to optimize your notebook and download the best free software for your PC or Mac.

news - JANUARY 10 10

Not only is Microsoft ending support for Windows XP in April, it's also ending updates for its own anti-virus software on XP.

news - DECEMBER 17 3

Google is recalling the charger for HP's Chromebook 11, because the charger can overheat and melt.

Downloads for Laptops

software editor's choice
  • SUMo - free

    SUMo can be a handy utility tool for desktop computers and laptops. This application mainly functions as a software updater by keeping installed tools and applications up-to date using the most recent version of the installed software.

    available for : windows
  • Allway Sync - free

    Allway Sync is a free Sync software that runs on Windows-based computers that allows you to easily synchronize your data between different platforms.

    available for : windows
  • OneLoupe - free

    OneLoupe provides its users an easy to use image magnifier to view images in fine details.

    available for : windows
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news - DECEMBER 5 19

The new gaming laptop sports a very high-res screen, as well as an NVidia graphics card that lets you play games on 4 monitors at once.

news - DECEMBER 2 2

Looking for a great buy today? From televisions to computers to video games, here is what Amazon has on sale for Cyber Monday.

news - OCTOBER 24 31

Both business and home users still need laptop PCs. Here are six steps the PC industry should take to make its products compelling again.

reviews - AUGUST 8 2

A TV-tuning USB dongle and free software let you hear the radio signals emitted by computer screens, TVs, smartphones -- even keyboards.

news - JULY 25 1

This conference will cover multiple platforms and multiple form factors.

news - JUNE 23 13

E-reader and tablet use may not be quite so restricted soon.

picture story - MAY 27 9

Snagged a new laptop or ultrabook, but don't have a disc drive? Not a problem! Read on for our tips on leaving the optical drive behind!

news - FEBRUARY 20 9

Could Google stores be coming to your town soon?

news - JANUARY 24 5

Some users not able to access the Windows Store or Windows Update at intermittent periods.

news - JANUARY 8 8

Key features missing from dedicated cloud storage app.

picture story - DECEMBER 24 13

Check out this list of 22 programs we recommend for new desktop users!

news - NOVEMBER 2 0

We check out ECBC's super-sturdy, super-roomy Tomahawk Messenger bag that supports up to 17-inch laptops and more.

picture story - OCTOBER 26 21

Yes, Windows 8 is finally here. Love it or hate it, here are fifteen ways to maximize the new operating system.

news - JULY 11 27

Apple's decision to pull 39 current Mac models from registration with the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) registry, is showing first impact.

news - JULY 10 16

If you want a computer with a free SSD, this might be the best opportunity.

reviews - JULY 7 26

As much as Apple would like you to believe the MacBook Air is the only notebook of its kind, there’s a whole world of Ultrabook alternatives out there.

news - JULY 7 43

Get ready for a new breed of Best Buy store.

reviews - JUNE 29 1

Traveling abroad this summer? Chances are you need some new portable gadgetry for your trip. Check out our recommendations, and enter to win a Toshiba Ultrabook!

reviews - JUNE 16 15

The value-oriented HDTV maker is jumping straight into the computer market -- and it's not looking to compete just on price alone.

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