Cocoon by Sealy Chill vs Siena Memory Foam: Which should you buy in today's Presidents' Day sales?

Cocoon Chill by Sealy vs Siena Mmeory Foam mattress
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The Cocoon by Sealy Chill and Siena Memory Foam are two competitively priced all-foam mattresses that both feature on our best mattress guide. And the good news is that if you’re looking to upgrade your mattress, you can save big on both these mattresses during today's  Presidents’ Day mattress sales.

During this Cocoon by Sealy Chill vs Siena Memory Foam comparison piece, we will be looking at the key differences between both budget-friendly mattresses to help you make an informed decision about which mattress is right for you before you make that purchase. 

During today's sales, you can save up to 35% on the Cocoon by Sealy Chill making a queen size mattress just $699 (was $1,079), and a huge 50% off over at Siena Sleep where a queen size Siena Memory foam mattress is now $399 (was $799). Both mattresses have a generous home trial, a decent warranty period, and free shipping and returns so read on to find out all the details. 

What is the Cocoon by Sealy Chill?

The Cocoon by Sealy Chill is one of the best cooling mattresses at a budget price. This all-foam mattress (hybrid is also available) is 10-inches tall and uses a cover infused with Phase Change Material to dissipate excess heat through the night. This mattress has a firmness rating of 6.5 out of 10 and side sleepers will find that it does a great job of feeling soft and supportive whilst providing relief on hips, shoulders, and neck. 

Back and side sleepers will also find this a comfortable mattress to sleep on, although heavier sleepers may find they sink into it a little too much. During our Cocoon by Sealy Chill mattress review, testers also found that this mattress does a great job of absorbing motion, so if you’re sharing with a restless partner or you’re on different sleep schedules, this mattress could make all the difference to a good night’s sleep. The Cocoon by Sealy Chill also comes with a 100-night home trial, free shipping via UPS and a 10-year warranty. 

What is the Siena Memory Foam?

The Siena memory foam mattress is one of the best all-foam mattresses for those on a budget. Even before the sale price this mattress is low-cost and affordable. This mattress is 10" and has three different foam layers that work together to contour your body, provide stability and support. 

Despite it being an all foam construction, it also does an amazing job of drawing away body heat. Siena rates this mattress as a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale but during our Siena Memory Foam mattress review, our testers found that it was a lot firmer and would rate it at 9 out of 10.  

This mattress is a great choice for all types of sleeper but back and stomach sleepers will find it extra comfortable as the firmness keeps you feeling on top of the mattress rather than sinking into it. Another thing that makes this mattress stand out is the fantastic edge support, which those who like to sleep close to the edge of the bed will love. Siena also offer a 180-night home trial, 10-year warranty and free delivery. 

Cocoon by Sealy Chill vs Siena memory foam: Sale offers

Cocoon by Sealy Chill vs Siena memory foam: Sales & offers

Both the Cocoon by Sealy Chill and Siena memory foam mattress are perfect for those on a budget but don't want to compromise on comfort. And that's before we take in to account the massive savings you can make by buying one of these mattresses today during the Presidents' Day sales. 

You can always get the  Cocoon by Sealy Chill at a discount as this brand runs regular 35% discounts. This means during these Presidents' Day sales you can get a queen size Cocoon by Sealy Chill for $699 (reduced from the MSRP of $1079). And it's not just the mattress that's on sale, you can also get a free bedding bundle worth $179 which includes two pillows, a mattress protector and a sheet set. 

The Siena Sleep memory foam mattress is one of the best budget mattresses you can currently buy. You can always find the Siena sleep on sale, with around $300 off the MSRP. Which makes this Presidents' Day sale even better value. Act quick if you want this mattress because right now you can get $400 off a queen size Siena memory foam mattress with it costing just $399, making it one of the most affordable memory foam mattresses we've seen in the Presidents' Day sales. 

If you're on a budget and you're looking for something that will suit both your sleep style and your budget, the Siena memory foam mattress takes the lead in this one. You get a longer at home sleep trial too, so if you don't get on with it, you can send it back. Plus, this discount is one of the biggest we've seen with Siena, whilst you won't ever pay full price, it's unlikely you'll see a discount of this size any time soon. 

Cocoon by Sealy Chill: $619

Cocoon by Sealy Chill: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">From $619 $399 at Cocoon by Sealy
Save 35% on the Cocoon by Sealy Chill plus get a bedding set which includes two pillows, a mattress protector, and sheet set worth $179 absolutely free. This deal makes a queen size mattress just $699 saving $446 off the MSRP. This mattress is one of the best you can buy if you sleep hot and it's also super comfortable too. This mattress comes with a 100-night trial, 10-year warranty, and free shipping. 

Siena Memory Foam: $499

Siena Memory Foam: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">From $499 $199 at Siena Sleep
This is one of the best memory foam mattresses you can buy right now if you're on a budget. A queen size mattress will cost you $399 which is reduced from the full MSRP of $799. This mattress has five layers of memory foam, including 2 inches of gel infused memory foam for extra comfort and cooling. So whatever type of sleeper you are and whether you sleep too hot, this mattress will leave you sleeping soundly. Siena also offer a generous 180-night home trial, free shipping and returns, plus a 10-year warranty. 

Cocoon by Sealy Chill vs Siena Memory Foam: Design

Both the Cocoon by Sealy Chill and the Siena memory foam mattress are made from all-foam and both have a 10 inch profile. 

The Cocoon  by Sealy Chill is made up of four layers which is topped with a breathable knit cover to help cement it's cooling properties. There's also a high-quality memory foam which provides full cushioning for pressure points and provides tailored support. It also enjoys a responsive comfort foam layer which doesn't just add support but will also absorb motion so if you share with a restless partner, you'll experience no more disrupted nights. 

The Siena memory foam mattress has a similar makeup. This all-foam mattress has five layers with three different layers of foam. There's a 2.5" layer of gel-infused foam that adapts to the body and draws away body heat. Following that, there's a transitional support foam and a 5.5" polyfoam stability layer for additional comfort and support. 

Cocoon by Sealy Chill vs Siena Memory Foam: Comfort & Support

We've tested both of these mattresses at Tom's Guide and can confirm that both offer a comfortable sleep. 

The Cocoon by Sealy Chill is a medium-firm mattress that offers a classic memory foam feel. It's soft, supportive, and hugs the body making it perfect for side sleepers who need that extra cushioning whilst they sleep, although back and stomach sleepers will also feel comfortable.  Heavier sleepers (over 230lb) may find they sink in a little too much and would probably benefit from the hybrid version of this mattress in order to get more pressure relief support. 

One of the big selling points of this mattress is its ability to regulate temperature throughout the night. Memory foam mattresses are naturally warmer but the phase-change material in the cover fabric does a great job of regulating the temperature and wicking away heat. 

The Siena sleep is also another comfortable option, especially, since it's such a budget choice. However, despite this mattress claiming that it's a 6.5 out of the 10 firmness scale our testers found it more like 9 out of 10 so it's a very firm bed. This is a comfortable bed for all types of sleeper, but side sleepers may need to take some time to get used to the feel as it doesn't offer the same body-hugging feel as the Cocoon by Sealy Chill. 

Cocoon by Sealy Chill vs Siena Memory Foam: Which should you buy?

Cocoon by Sealy Chill mattress if...

You sleep hot. This mattress does an excellent job of keeping cool overnight. The phase-change material in the cover fabric keeps it cool and wicks away any moisture. 

You share with a restless sleeper. there is nothing worse than being disturbed at night by a partner fidgeting, and with this mattress you'll barely notice they've moved. So for light sleepers this is an absolute steal. 

You need extra pressure relief. If you wake with pain in your shoulder, hips, or neck then you need a mattress that can help keep your spine aligned and offer relief on your pressure points. This mattress can help with that all whilst providing a snug, body hugging feel.   

Buy the Siena Memory foam mattress if...

You're on a strict budget. Even if you consider the price of this mattress when there's not a sale on, which there always will be, this mattress is incredible value. It's the only quality mattress brand we've found that can provide a king size mattress for under $500. 

You need to think about it longer. Nearly all mattress brands now offer an at home sleep trial. The Cocoon by Sealy Chill only offers 100-nights, whilst with the Siena, you'll get 180-nights to really test it out and see if it's right for you. Whilst some other brands like Emma, Nectar, and Helix offer 365-nights, don't be fooled, you should start to get used to your new memory foam mattress within 60 days. But just a note: if your memory foam mattress doesn't feel comfortable straight away, give it time; it will soften and become used to your shape quicker than you think.  

You like a firm bed. Despite claims that this mattress is 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness rating, this is a very firm bed. If you prefer your mattress super firm then this is the perfect choice. A firm mattress can help with back pain and align the spine. 

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