Casper's cheapest mattress has dropped to $610 in Memorial Day Sale – why I'd buy it

A couple sit on the Casper The One mattress in a bedroom, a Tom's Guide price drop deals graphic (left)
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Casper's cheapest mattress has just gotten even cheaper, with the Casper Memorial Day sale knocking 30% off The One mattress. This is the best price I've seen for the newly launched Casper The One, with prices starting at just $610 (was $875).

As a stomach sleeper who likes to change positions in the night, the medium-firm feel and bouncy build of the Casper The One is just what I need, helping keep my spine comfortably aligned throughout the night. This strong support also makes it one of this year's best mattresses for back sleepers. 

This Memorial Day mattress sale is bringing record low prices for new Casper range. The sitewide deals are even better than Casper's impressive Black Friday sale (although as these are brand-new mattresses, it's impossible to compare prices directly). But what I can say for sure is that this is the best price I've seen for The One – read on to learn why I'd buy it.


Casper The One mattress
from $875
Now: from $610
Saving: up to $830 at Casper

Summary: The One mattress by Casper is a revamped take on the incredibly popular Casper Original bed. Released earlier this year, the One is an all-foam mattress with a medium-firm feel and a bouncy, responsive sleep surface.

The One isn't your typical memory foam mattress. This isn't a bed you sink into, but one that gently contours to your shape, with a firmer build that's supportive for back and stomach sleepers. The lack of sink is also good if you want to change positions in the night, or if you need some help getting out of bed in the morning. Learn more with our guide to the Casper The One mattress.

A layer of breathable flex foam helps improve the temperature regulation of this all-foam bed, but like the Original that came before it, we suspect The One can sleep warm. For a Casper bed with a cooler feel, check out the Casper Snow Max, 35% off for Memorial Day.

Price history: Since launching the new line earlier this year, we've seen 20% and 25% sales at Casper, but this 30% off is the biggest saving yet. That tracks with Casper's previous approach to sales, where hefty discounts were reserved for the major holidays. Casper is also known for keeping the largest discounts for the most expensive beds, so this might be a rare opportunity to save this much on the budget One. A queen is now $870 (was $1,245).

Benefits: 100-night trial | 10-year warranty | Free shipping

What is the new Casper mattress line?

Casper relaunched its entire mattress range earlier this year, replacing the old favorites with newer, potentially better, options. Despite the change, Casper has maintained many of the features that made the sleep brand so popular in the first place, including the Snow cooling technology and Align support foam.

The flagship Casper Original has been replaced with The One. A reimagined take on the Original, the One is an entry-level memory foam mattress, and the only all-foam bed in the Casper range. The Dream and Snow (as well as their Max upgrades) are hybrid mattresses.

Since the relaunch, Casper has run several mattress sales, but the Memorial Day discounts are the biggest so far. Casper sales might be semi-regular, but these huge savings are unusual, and you might be waiting until Labor Day – or potentially even Black Friday – for another saving this generous. 

Ruth Jones
Sleep staff Writer

Ruth Jones has recently joined the Tom's Guide team as a sleep staff writer, covering all things mattresses and sleep. Ruth previously worked as a sleep and mattress writer for our sister website TechRadar, and has a deep interest in sleep and how it affects our day to day wellbeing. Ruth is a self-confessed stomach sleeper with a penchant for medium-firm mattresses, and also loves a good eye mask for helping her to fall asleep easier at night.