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Wal-Mart Getting Fancy With New Electronics Area

Wal-Mart, the place where America shops, is expanding its electronics section to add more new products and features across its 3,500 stores.

Employees and managers will be bringing into the electronics section new color-coded and branded signage in categories such as gaming, wireless and home office to better help the shopper navigate the area.

Wal-Mart said that it would also be adding more Blu-ray players and movies, along with a dedicated high-definition section that’ll have a better selection of HDTVs (the press release mentions 1080p and 120 Hz displays).

The chain also plans to redesign its Wireless World area for an increase of 30 percent in cellular and smart phone products.

Those who look to Wal-Mart for their computer purchases will soon see a new display center for laptops allowing customers to go hands on with PCs from HP, Dell, and Toshiba.

Wal-Mart listed several new products that will be appearing this week as part of its revamp:

  • $198 Philips Blu-ray Disc Player, in most stores this week;
  • Dell's Studio One 19 All-in-One touch screen desktop, exclusively at Wal-mart for a limited period, arriving in June;
  • Expanded selection in Samsung, Sony, and Vizio, with new 46- and 52-inch models
  • Expanded assortment in colorful 11 inch Acer netbooks at $298, in stores this week;
  • Sony's E-Reader portable E-Book (500 stores), extra bass headphones, and noise canceling headphones;
  • More cellular phones including the BlackBerry Bold for AT&T, Samsung Instinct s30 for Sprint, expanding distribution of the BlackBerry Storm with Verizon, and very soon introducing the Palm Pre phone with Sprint in select stores.

We know that some of you may not be fans of Wal-Mart; but given the store’s reputation for having good prices, are you willing to shop for your electronics at Wal-Mart?