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Vizio Crowned Largest U.S. TV Maker for Q1 2012

IHS estimates that Vizio shipped about 1.21 million TVs in Q1 2012, down from 1.56 million in Q1 2011. Samsung dropped from 1.27 million to 1.16 million in the same time frame, but outshipped Vizio significantly in Q4 2011, when it sent out 2.46 million units versus 1.61 million.

IHS said that Q1 was a particularly weak period for PC sales. U.S. LCD-TV market shipments in the first quarter were just 6.6 million units, down 13 percent from 7.6 million in the first quarter of 2011. Shipments were also down 39 percent from the fourth quarter of 2011.

“The U.S. television market became saturated with higher-end products at the end of 2011,” said Tom Morrod, senior analyst at IHS. “When sales dropped according to normal seasonal patterns in the first quarter, shipments also fell for most brands. However, because of its low-cost product mix that appeals to mainstream consumers, Vizio was able to prevent its shipments from declining by a large margin.”

IHS noteds that Vizio benefited from its focus on "midrange and smaller sizes for LCD TVs that are sold at relatively low prices compared to larger, more feature-laden sets." The company currently dominates the 32-inch and 42-inch range in U.S. LCD TV sales, according to the market research firm.

Vizio is now launching a new effort to attack the PC market, hoping to replicate its success from the TV business.