Psychologist: Twitter Makes You Stupid

A psychologist is claiming that micro-blogging on Twitter will make its users stupid. If the news isn't depressing enough, text messaging and watching YouTube drains just as much intelligence, or rather, will likely weaken "working memory" according to the good doctor. However, there's good news for Internet surfers looking for something to do: apparently spending loads of time on Facebook is just as healthy as playing a game of Tetris or solving a Sudoku puzzle.

As reported by the Telegraph, Dr. Tracy Alloway, working out of the University of Stirling in Scotland, says that working memory is the ability to remember information, and actually put that information to use. After extensive research in working memory, she believes that success and happiness stem from this ability rather than having high IQs. She also believes that certain video games can train working memory, especially those that involve planning and strategy.

Although Facebook offers "thinking" games such as Sudoku, managing friends and dates on the social website exercises the working memory. Twitter, YouTube and texting, on the other hand, isn't exactly healthy. "On Twitter you receive an endless stream of information, but it's also very succinct,'' said Dr Alloway. ''You don't have to process that information. Your attention span is being reduced and you're not engaging your brain and improving nerve connections.''

Dr. Alloway's research included an eight-week training session with children aged 11 to 14 which focused on increasing the performance of their working memory. Upon completion, the children saw 10 point improvements in IQ, numeracy and literacy tests.

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  • brendano257
    I wouldn't doubt it honestly, it's kinda on the same lines as rap, how much can you butcher the language before you begin to lose something, be it language skills, IQ, general intelligence, common sense, or all of the above. Being a high school Junior, I am sometimes appalled at the amount of people who just can't spell for beans. It's sad really. Now I don't text much, and even when I use Facebook, AIM, or text, it's FULL words but with abbreviated grammar and sentence structure (if any). And I'm still a good English student, none the worse because I don't over-do it. i has good english, how 'bout u?
  • Impulse Fire911
    whut? twitter dosnt makes me stuupids? i dun kno wut he talkin boout. he dumb psicoligizt.
  • ssalim
    ... only if you use it to an extreme. Just like drinking beer, it makes you fat and kills your braincells... if you use it to an extreme.

    I believe intelligence is also genetic. If you aren't genius, you will never be one. Same goes for if you aren't a moron (ie: actual retard), you will never be one (assuming you don't get into anything major ie accident).
  • Platypus
    And sadly, when folks point out a spelling error or an inappropriately used word, they are labeled as a grammar nazi. It's too bad when all they wanted to do was help others not be so stoooopid.
  • doomtomb
    Yep, the truth comes out. But it kind of alarms me about YouTube doing the same thing. I spend lots of time on YouTube but it depends on what you watch... like if all you watch is internet viral videos... yep...
  • Supertrek32
    About youtube making you dumb.... uh... duh. It's the same as sitting around watching TV all day.

    Instant gratification = bad for attention spa.... ooh! A birdie!

    I'm pretty sure we all knew that already. Then again, considering the popularity of youtube, twitter, and texting, maybe we've forgotte... PENNY!!!
  • redgarl
    Well... you can't deny it... Twitter actually makes peoples stupid.
  • steiner666
    twitter is for twats, of course it makes you stupid.

    i can proudly say that, while i'm an IT technician who works for an ISP spending a majority of my waking hours on the internet, I have yet so much as bring up the stupid site.
  • JohnnyLucky
    I don't use twitter or any of the other social networks. I do not have a need for any of them.
  • mlopinto2k1
    I truly believe ALL social networking sites are "NOW" ridiculous. When they first were introduced, they were "good ideas". Now it is just plain RI-FU**ING-DICULOUS. Twitter?? TWITTER?? WHY DIDN'T YOU LEAVE ME A TWEET TODAY! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! GET A LIFE!