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Bulgarian School May Be Renamed to Honor Steve Jobs

The founder and former CEO of Apple passed away in early October and tributes have been pouring in ever since. Judging from the reaction alone, it's easy to see that Jobs had a huge impact on the technology industry. Now, a technical school in Bulgaria is considering renaming itself to honor the late Steve Jobs.

Novinite reports that a technical secondary school in Bulgaria is renaming their school and considering 'Steve Jobs' as the new moniker. Currently named after Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the technical school, which specializes in education in the field of electronics, is coming up on its 50th birthday and feels a more modern name is in order.

Students and faculty at the school are said to be debating the name change, but Steve Jobs is one of the front runners. Though it is hard to deny the influence he's had on the consumer electronics industry, some feel it would be more appropriate to name the school after a Bulgarian scientists. According to the Pursuitist, the name "Peter Petroff," after the Bulgarian-American NASA engineer and inventor of the digital watch, is also under consideration.