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Get Stylish With Oakley's New 3D Glasses

Movie goers can now enjoy 3D movies in style with Oakley’s new 3D GASCAN optically corrected 3D glasses, which the company touts as a world’s first. The new 3D GASCAN glasses claim to eliminate ghosting and crosstalk with a 3D-optimized version of Oakley’s high-definition optics technology, or HDO-3D, when viewing movies with passive polarization 3D effects.

Oakley claims the 3D optical clarity and lens curvature of the 3D GASCAN deliver a wider field of vision while maintaining sharpness and minimizing glare to deliver the better visuals than glasses given out at movie theaters. Unfortunately, Oakley does not offer the 3D GASCAN with a prescription lens option.

“We began with a single goal: to set the standard for optical performance in 3D. No one has ever engineered optically correct 3D glasses. We collaborated with industry partners and utilized the DreamWorks facility for testing,” said Colin Baden, CEO, Oakley.  

The Oakley 3D GASCAN will hit stores later this month and carry a $120 price tag, a hefty price to pay on top of movie tickets costs, but they are stylin’.