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LG Slashes OLED TV Prices

OLED TV screens are gorgeous; but cheap, they're not. LG, as the only major manufacturer with a full range of OLED TVs, has a vested interest in getting them into as many living rooms as possible. As such, it's just reduced prices across six of its well-known OLED sets, putting the cheapest two at less than $2,000 — firsts for such devices.

The EF9500 series of flat OLED 4K TVs are both getting significant price drops. The 55-inch 55EF9500 will drop from $5,499 to $2,999 (including an instant $1,000 rebate). The 65-inch 65EF9500 will drop from $6,999 to $4,999, again with a $1,000 instant rebate. This move puts OLED TV sets in the same neighborhood, price-wise, with comparable LED sets (although not quite on par), which LG hopes will equal more sales.

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For those who prefer curved models (which tend to be an aesthetic rather than visually advantageous choice at less than 100 inches), the EG9600 series of curved 4K OLED TVs will also see price reductions. The 55EG9600 (55 inches) and 65EG9600 (65 inches) have exactly the same price reductions and initial pricing as their flat counterparts described above.

If making the jump to 4K is not a necessity for you, LG also has the 55EG9100 and the 55EC9300: flat and curved 1080p OLED sets, respectively. The former will drop from $2,499 to $1,999, including an instant $500 rebate beginning Oct. 18, while the latter is now available at $1,799. (LG did not provide an original price, and online stores seem to have already adopted the new cost.)

These televisions are still somewhat expensive compared to their LED counterparts, but based on my experience with OLED screens, they also offer a significantly richer color spectrum and better blacks. For the moment, LG is the only major manufacturer with a full OLED line, but the technology may yet have legs: Panasonic revealed a promising OLED TV during IFA 2015.

  • TechyInAZ
    Looks Great! Wish I could see a OLED TV in person. :)

    Just watch, in a year or so we'll be seeing OLED 4k TVs for less than $1000.