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LG Unveils 18-inch Rollable OLED Display

LAS VEGAS —Displays can already curve around the edge of devices such as smartphones. So why shouldn't it curl up as well?

That seems to be the inspiration behind an innovation LG plans to show off at this week's CES 2016 show. The electronics giant is touting a 30R 18-inch OLED display you can roll up like a newspaper. It's a concept display that LG hopes will show off the many forms that OLED can take.

LG is no stranger to differently-shaped displays. The company's G Flex and G Flex 2 smartphones sport curved displays. Meanwhile, rival Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge Plus features a display that curves around the phone's edge.

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It's unclear exactly how a rolled-up display would work or even what kind of devices would include such a feature. But if LG moves this display from concept to actual product, it would open up new possibilities for what kind of shapes devices could take on.

The rolled-up display may be an eye-catching idea, but it's not the only display LG plans to show off at CES. The company says it will also have a concept OLED TV dispaly where the electric circuits are installed separately to allow the 55-inch display to be paper-thin.

LG also plans to showcase displays for cars, including a 25-inch curved LCD for the inside of a car and a 10.3-inch touchscreen LCD that drivers wearing gloves will be able to use. LG also plans to highlight a 65-inch UHD TV display that can increase in brightness without drawing more power.