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3GSM: LG F510 - Design and Slim, Its Only Weapon?

LG KF510

Compared to the launch of the KF600 and KF700, the arrival of the KF510 should be quite uneventful. Indeed, it’s hard to understand what LG had in mind with this announcement. The KF510 will have a hard time finding its place in the manufacturer’s catalog.

How to succeed to the Shine

We’d be wrong, however, if we buried it even before it en entered the market. The main reason is a design and a thinness that are breathtaking. As thin as 10.9 mm, it’s the thinnest slider in the market. Otherwise, LG remains classic with an MP3 player and a 3 Megapixel camera.

The KF510 will be sold between the end of the first quarter and the middle of the second one depending on the country. As for the other models introduced during this MWC, the Korean’s strategy aims at distributing this entry level phone in Asia and the US. Two colors will be available: red and black in remembrance of Stendhal.