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46-Inch Display Turned into a Giant Microscope

The m

ulti-touch screen, a 46-inch display, is connected to microscope that enables 1000-fold magification of imagery with a total size of up to 200 GB per image sample.

Image sample, of course, means that it isn't exactly a real time microscope. The images are scanned using a microscopy scanner and stored on an image server. Samples on the screen can then be continuously read from the server and even be transmitted over the Internet via WebMicroscope technology. The researchers did not say how often the scans are updated, but given a 200 GB size, we would assume that the real-time value of the image navigation isn't very high.     

Representatives for FIMM said that the display enables an entirely new teaching experience where students can stand around the display while a teacher explains and navigates the shown image. However, we would assume that general academic institutions would be interested in the technology as well. There was no information whether video can be stored as well.