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If the iPhone 8 Looks Like This, the Galaxy S8 Is in Trouble

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are great upgrades, especially if you opt for the dual-camera-equipped Plus, but they don't really look any different from Apple's previous iPhones. That's why so many people are sitting out this generation and are waiting for the iPhone 8.

If the new device looks anything like this, Apple will probably have a winner on its hands in time to celebrate the iPhone's tenth anniversary.

Handy Abovergleich

Handy Abovergleich

A fitting tribute to all of the iPhone 8 rumors so far, the highly detailed concepts come from German website Handy Abovergleich. The front of the phone has no physical home button. Instead, you'll see an all-glass front that goes pretty much edge to edge, so there are no real bezels. However, there's a virtual bezel of sorts beneath the screen that shows the Touch ID button and two other virtual buttons that flank it.

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Like the current iPhone, the iPhone 8 models on display here have curved edges, but both the front and back are made of glass, while the frame is stainless steel. You'll also find six finishes, the most fetching of which is polished gold.

Other features on this iPhone 8 include an AMOLED display, which has been rumored and would offer improved colors and better contrast than today's LCD iPhone screens. There's also a retina scanner on board for additional security and wireless charging capability.

According to this designer, the iPhone 8 will come in three flavors — regular, Plus and Pro — but that seems unlikely. We've been hearing about three new iPhones, but mostly within the context of an upgraded iPhone 7s and 7s Plus alongside the iPhone 8. Only the iPhone 8 would be the truly different.

However, we do agree that Apple will add support for the Apple Pencil on at least one 2017 iPhone 8 model, which the concept shows as an accessory.