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iPhone 6 Teardown Reveals Detailed Specs

Photo Credit: iFixIt

(Image credit: Photo Credit: iFixIt)

Apple's iPhone 6 is finally here, and while some of you are downloading apps and watching movies on the new phone, others are tearing it apart to examine its guts. If you're curious about the gritty details behind what's powering the year's most anticipated smartphones, here's a look at an early teardown performed by the folks at iFixIt.


If you're worried about how much the iPhone 6's raised camera lens protrudes from the body, iFixIt reports a bump of about 0.6 mm. The phone's outer shell is held together by Pentalobe screws, while you can find Phillips screws holding together the smartphone's innards. 

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The phone's front panel assembly houses the front-facing FaceTime camera, as well as the phone's earpiece speaker. Located in the top right of the guts is the rear-facing iSight camera, which iFixIt was able to remove with just a pair of tweezers. For the first time, the iPhone's headphone jack and Lightning connector are part of the same internal assembly.

CPU and Specs

If you're aching to know what comprises the iPhone 6's integrated circuit (IC) board, the teardown reveals it all. We're a bit surprised to see just 1GB of RAM, compared to 2GB for the Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8. (The iPhone 5s also apparently had 1GB.)

Here's what you'll find on the front side of the board:

Apple A8 APL1011 SoC + Elpida 1 GB LPDDR3 RAM (as denoted by the markings EDF8164A3PM-GD-F)
Qualcomm MDM9625M LTE Modem
Qualcomm QFE1000 Envelope Tracking IC
Skyworks 77802-23 Low Band LTE PAD
Skyworks 77356-8 Mid Band PAD
Avago A8020 High Band PAD
Avago A8010 Ultra High Band PA + FBARs
TriQuint TQF6410 3G EDGE Power Amplifier Module
InvenSense MP67B 6-axis Gyroscope and Accelerometer Combo
RF Micro Devices RF5159 Antenna Switch Module

And here's a look at the backside:

SanDisk SDMFLBCB2 128 Gb (16 GB) NAND Flash
Murata 339S0228 Wi-Fi Module
Apple/Dialog 338S1251-AZ Power Management IC
Broadcom BCM5976 Touchscreen Controller
NXP LPC18B1UK ARM Cortex-M3 Microcontroller (also known as the M8 motion coprocessor)
NXP 65V10 NFC module + Secure Element (likely contains an NXP PN544 NFC controller inside)
Qualcomm WTR1625L RF Transceiver
Qualcomm WFR1620 receive-only companion chip.
Qualcomm PM8019 Power Management IC
Texas Instruments 343S0694 Touch Transmitter
AMS AS3923 Boosted NFC Tag Front End
Cirrus Logic 338S1201 Audio Codec


Apple promised a better battery with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but is it true? The base iPhone 6 packs an 1810-mAh, 7.01-Wh battery, which is a notable step up from the 1560-mAh pack found in the iPhone 5s. Naturally, the 6 Plus goes even bigger, touting a 2915-mAh, 11.1-Wh battery.


On top of digging through the iPhone 6's insides, a few smartphone enthusiasts have tried to destroy the smartphone completely. YouTube channel PhoneBuff put the new handsets through a drop test, dropping the each phone's rear, front and side panels onto concrete from about five feet. While the two devices only took a few nicks when landing on the rear panel, both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus saw some significant cracking when dropped side- and face-first.

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  • kawininjazx
    While I'm sure the iPhone 6 is a great device, I feel like it's a bit underwhelming. Still, people will line up for two weeks to buy it, I just don't see the big difference between this and the 5S, except for the size.
  • soldier44
    Wow 1gb of ram in new 2014 smartphone. Not good.
  • zetabrand
    This is a useless and biased article written by a man who works for Apple publications and also owns Apple stock. Once again, Tom's Hardware is fully biased for Apple backside with this ridiculous advertisement. The writer cherry picked reviews from the most pro=biased Apple one can find on the net!
    They are basically giving an overview of the hardware. Just because the don't devolve into your Apple vs Android trash arguments doesn't mean they are biased. Both arenas deserve a fair amount of praise. You sound like a skeptical ass lunatic. Settle down and come back to the real world, hardyharhar.
  • SirRaulo
    The Note 4 will crush this phone. I noticed that the new screens still shatter easily. Overall, Apple is now caught up to the year 2012.

    Get Note 3 and it will crush this iJoke the same

  • Nick Mooney
    1gb ram, 8 megapixel camera and no HD screen on iphone 6 the designers need to jump in a time machine and come forward a couple of years.
  • jasonelmore
    1GB of ram on a 5.5 inch phone, now i've seen it all.
  • Steve Simons
    So much for touting the Sapphire glass...
  • computertech82
    As one said, this makes the iphone catch up to 2012. it's still 2 years behind other phone makers. But the really sad part is brain dead waiting for hours/days in line just to get a phone!!!!!!!!!!
  • IthinkImSmart
    Apple is a well run company. For years they have done very well in selling inferior products at high price points. What do you do when you have something people want? You increase the price. Personally I would feel like I've been taken advantage of but clearly their advanced marketing techniques have brainwashed so many into buying their product. From a technical standpoint, knowing this phone only comes with 1gb of RAM makes what I'm writing even more apparent. We need stupid people in the world so that some of us can become rich,
  • Oldfatguy
    Why is ram so important to people on a mobile device? its comical, having just 1 gb of ram is no disadvantage at all. Apple's os runs fine with 1gb, that is all that is needed at this time. We are talking about a cell phone here. No one will notice the difference between 2gb and 1 gb of memory. Any smart phone today will be plenty fast no matter the specs. Don't get carried away with specs. The differences are minimal, (tiny fractions of a second). People are going to buy what they want and it doesn't make them stupid that what they buy does not coincide with your views.