As Seen on TV: Infomercial Tech

When all other programming is over for the evening, one breed of television animal rules the night: the TV infomercial.  With its tempting offers, amazing claims, and enthusiastic paid actors, it can make a regular consumer wonder if he or she is really missing out by not calling within the next three minutes for that incredible last-chance offer. Tom’s Guide took a few of the most notable TV gadgets for a test spin to see if they live up to their claims and really make good on their offers.  Here’s what we loved and loathed about the latest "as seen on TV" tech products.

For the purpose of testing products, we purchased some of the items at a local chain store, although common practice is to order online or through the popular toll-free channels advertised in the infomercials (operators are standing by!).  Consumers should note that by ordering over the phone or online, you may have a six to 12 week wait time to receive your purchase and high shipping/processing fees may also apply. All of the products we tested boasted a satisfaction money-back guarantee in the event we were not satisfied with performance.  Unless ordered through a retailer, however, refunds generally do not include money paid out for shipping and processing.

What about that other infomercial you've seen a million times? Aren't you curious whether that gizmo really works? Let us know in the comments section which infomercial "as seen on TV" product you'd like to see us test.

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  • maddios
    I had never heard of the magic bullet before this, curiously looked it up on google and came across this site:

    figured I'd share the interesting site I came across.
  • Major7up
    My girlfriend swears by our magic bullet but I dislike it in favor of a traditional blender. The blender looks more fashionable as well.
  • rambo117
    pshh, where's shamwow?? :P
  • djcoolmasterx
    or Slapchop?
  • dingumf
  • rantsky
    Cool idea, please do more of these!
  • crisisavatar

    lol seriously
  • r0x0r
    Anyone else notice the huge size of the headset on the girl on the first page?

    Maybe it's for pwning noobs in Counter Strike when the boss isn't looking.
  • Onus
    Seems to me I did some research into those electro-stimulation belts; they are just a gimmick and don't work. Yes, you feel the shocks, but it just isn't enough or the right type (not deep enough?) to make a difference.
  • cliffro
    The belts are pretty much crap, Ive tried a couple of them.....

    The stuff that really works is probably too expensive for your average person. I had one used on me during Physical Therapy for my back, Turn it up enough and it looked like i was humping the table from the strong muscle contractions. It was great on slightly lower settings.
  • Onus
    Hmmm, an auto-humper belt, "when the little blue pill isn't enough (tm)"
  • socrates047
    but smaller-framed adults may have difficulty getting a good fit/quote]
    No matter how politically correct you are, that still sounds funny!. Great article I guess.
  • anamaniac
    My mother was silly enough to buy a Magic Bullet (actually a couple)... guess what, they all broke or burned out quite fast, and had a dissapointing amount of power.
    what did I do? Go to the local Zellers and pickup some badass blender for $60... this thing is a beast, and it doesn't mind turning the hardest things I can throw at it into mush.

    MagicBullet: Waste. Buy a real blender.
  • anamaniac
    SlenderTone Flex Go!: Walk to McDonalds instead of taking your car, fatass. They're called fruits, a healthy variation to junkfood.
    I enjoy my high fat diet by being physically active... wow, what a surprise.
  • Anonymous
    Great site, but if you want more info on the Snuggie, check out this site Snuggie Blanket
  • Anonymous
    Hey, good review. Just letting you and all the other readers know that they are actually lowering the price on the Jupiter Jack to $10 + S&H. And you get an extra Jupiter Jack for free. Found it on