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Hitachi Ships Out Super-thin 1.5" Plasma HDTVs


Chila Vista (CA) - Hitachi today announced that its "1.5" line of plasma televisions will soon be making their way to retail stores. They are among the thinnest HDTVs in the consumer marketplace with a depth of just 1.5 inches.

The slim plasmas are available in four sizes, from 32 inches to 47 inches in five inch increments. In addition to making the casing much slimmer than most other plasma TVs, the new UltraThin displays have added technology that makes the picture seem clear from any angle, said Hitachi.

"For various technical reasons, the challenges in producing a thin plasma display greatly exceed those associated with developing a thin LCD," said Hitachi when it unveiled the new plasma sets at CES.

Hitachi last year unveiled LCD TVs that are only 0.75 inches in width, and that number is getting even smaller from other LCD-focused competitors like Philips.

The 1.5 TVs will be sold under Hitachi’s "V Series" and "Director’s Series" product lines. The first sets, which is now available, are the 37" Director’s Series model, the UT37X902, and the 32" UT32X802. Those sets carries retail prices of around $3000 and $2000, respectively.

The V Series units will be priced at around $1800 (32") to $4500 (47"), while the rest of the Director’s Series units will be around $2300 to $4700. The rollout schedule is to have the smaller sets available this month and June, with the 47" models to come out in September.