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Google Merges Wallet, Android Pay into Google Pay

There's a new name for all of Google's mobile payment platforms, and it's one the company probably should have settled on a while ago. Starting today, Android Pay and Google Wallet will henceforth be combined into the all-encompassing Google Pay.

The announcement came Monday (Jan. 8)  via a post on Google's The Keyword blog, and is a fitting and predictable resolution for Google's complementary digital money services.

Google Wallet, as it was originally known, allowed users to both send funds to one another, like Venmo or PayPal, and use their phone's NFC capabilities for tap-and-pay physical transactions. That changed in 2015, when Google decided to spin off the tap-and-pay portion of the service into Android Pay. Meanwhile, Google Wallet maintained the peer-to-peer side of things.

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Like the distinction between Google's similar instant-messaging apps Allo and Duo, or the repurposing of Google Hangouts into a business-focused communications tool, the line drawn between Google Wallet and Android Pay was confusing, unnecessary, and probably posed a setback to brand adoption. Nevertheless, both platforms have existed for the past three years as separate apps, which will no longer be the case.

In terms of functionality, there won't be any significant changes. Now, whether you're paying for something at CVS, purchasing a subscription in YouTube, or buying movie tickets via Fandango's website, you'll encounter the same Google Pay logo., All the payment options you already have saved to your Google Account will be at your disposal. Companies from Airbnb to HungryHouse are in the process of implementing the new brand, so you'll likely see it pop up at more sites and retailers over the coming weeks.