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New DISH Portable Satellite Dishes Give You HDTV On the Go

If you're tailgating, traveling or simply too far from home to enjoy HD television, you might find yourself watching video content on a small smartphone screen and eating up data in the process.

DISH is looking to change that with the Winegard Pathway X1 and X2, a pair of portable satellite antennas that allow you to enjoy the provider's full channel lineup on your HDTV — even if you don't have a long-term subscription.

The dome-shaped Pathway X1 starts at $499 and requires a DISH Mobile ViP 211 Series HD Receiver, which can be bundled with the antenna for an extra $49. Once the X1 is connected to a Mobile HD Receiver and your HDTV, the device will install itself automatically.

The 10-pound X1 acquires 110-, 119- and 129-degree satellites. Available in black and white, the X1 is the only portable antenna that can convert into a roof mount for use in the household, according to DISH

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As its namesake implies, the $449 Pathway X2 can provide a signal to two TVs at once, so long as you have two ViP 211 Series HD Receivers. This gray device looks like an upside-down version of its X1 cousin, with black handles on the sides for portability. This 16-pound model acquires the same range of satellites as the X1, as well as 61.5-, 72.7- and 77-degree satellites.

The Pathway X1 and X2 only work with DISH programming, but you don't need a long-term contract to use the devices. DISH offers pay-as-you go plans through satellite manufacturer Winegard starting at $44.99 per month, which will net you channels such as A&E, Cartoon Network, ESPN, TNT and three free months of HBO.

Whether you're a football fanatic who wants to watch the pregame show in the parking lot or a camping enthusiast who doesn't want to miss prime-time television, DISH's new satellites seem like a dynamic solution if you're willing to pay the premium.

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