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Here's the One Alexa Setting Everyone Should Enable

Follow-Up Mode is, in my opinion, Alexa's most underappreciated feature. However, an unofficial poll of friends who use Alexa revealed that very few have even heard of it.

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Follow-Up Mode allows you to ask Alexa follow-up questions without repeating the wake word (Alexa's name). It's a very simple solution to one of Alexa's most annoying problems, and you should turn it on right now if you're looking to save some time, and make your conversations with Alexa more natural.

For example, with Follow-up Mode off, if I ask. "Alexa, what’s the weather?" and then want to ask a follow-up question, I have to put Alexa's name in front of it again (e.g., "Alexa, is it going to rain?") With follow-up mode on, I can just ask, "How long is it going to rain?"

Alexa manages this by extending the time it spends listening to you after an interaction. When Follow-up Mode is on, after you finish a conversation, the blue ring on your device will remain illuminated for a few seconds to catch any additional questions.

While the ability to ask follow-up questions may seem like a small difference, it makes a big impact. It's made my conversations with Alexa feel less like a one-way dump of information, and more like a conversation. Whether I'm checking my bank-account balance, getting workout advice or just asking Alexa to repeat something I've missed, I feel like I'm collaborating with the voice assistant, rather than barking orders at it.  

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Two small caveats: Follow-up Mode won't work when audio is playing, or after you've said "Alexa, stop."

Here's how to turn on Follow-up Mode:

  1. Open the Alexa app.

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  • garycjones
    Can't find the Follow-Up ode anywhere.
  • Tom72468
    Also doesn't work after using the blueprints skill.
  • 78lws0kuhw
    where is it ?