This $9,790 Limited Edition iPhone Has a Mechanical Watch On Its Back

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Here's the perfect phone for Russian oligarchs and spoiled insta-kids who illegally got into elite universities.

This is Caviar’s Grand Complications Skeleton Tourbillon, a limited edition iPhone XS with a classic watch that completely covers its back. My heart is divided between pure awe and total cringe.Credit: CaviarCredit: CaviarI love classic watch design with complications, and this one has the king of complications: a tourbillon, a device patented in 1801 by the Swiss watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet that counters the effects of gravity to improve time-keeping accuracy in mechanical watches.

Caviar iPhone Tourbillon

The watch mechanism is set against a black titanium back panel, engraved with planetary orbits. The mechanism itself is made of steel with a 7-micron 24K gold coating.

On its own, it’s a beautiful design, albeit huge. The gold watch has to be wound manually using the crown on the side, just like any mechanical watch — a process that will keep it running for 30 hours before having to be wound again.

Credit: CaviarCredit: CaviarBut, like all high luxury iPhone retrofits, the watch looks sort of garish combined with the iPhone. Like a really, really expensive case you won't be able to use on your next iPhone.

The Caviar’s Grand Complications Skeleton Tourbillon is limited to 99 units, starting at $8,350 for the iPhone XS 64GB and going all the way up $9,790 for the iPhone XS Max with 512GB of storage.