This Is the Curved iPhone of Your Dreams

Earlier this week, a Bloomberg report suggested that Apple is working on a curved iPhone that could dramatically change how we interact with the company's handsets. And now we have some renders that imagine how it might look and work.

Credit: iDropNews

(Image credit: iDropNews)

Designer Martin Hajek has designed a curved iPhone for the folks over at iDropNews. The render features an iPhone that features an OLED screen and curves at the top and bottom, as had been suggested by the Bloomberg sources. And in a move that takes cues from Nokia's iconic Banana Phone, there's also a slider at the bottom that covers part of the screen when it's not in use.

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Apple's imagined handset comes with a curve that would technically make it easier to handle and could direct the microphone to your mouth more effectively than it currently does. When you're ready to type, Hajek's creation lets you slide the cover down to reveal the keyboard. The top of the
screen, which comes with a notch, will also be accessible and give you access to iOS.

The rendering takes several other cues from the current iPhone X, including its glass-paneled design that allows for wireless charging. But unlike the iPhone X, which comes with a dual-lens camera array, the iDropNews rendering shows a single lens camera on the back.

The rendering shouldn't be construed as an actual glimpse into what Apple has planned. The company hasn't even confirmed it's working on a curved iPhone, let alone revealed what it will do in the event it's actually developing such a device.

Credit: iDropNews

(Image credit: iDropNews)

However, in addition to talk of an iPhone that curves at the top and bottom, Bloomberg's report suggested that the iPhone would support touchless gestures that would allow you to hold your finger close to the screen and with gestures, control the software. The feature is already available from Samsung, but Apple could offer it as an alternative way to interact with its operating system.

If Apple is indeed planning to release a curved iPhone, it could take some time to hit store shelves. Bloomberg reported that Apple wouldn't release the handset for two to three years.

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