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Xbox Modded into Millennium Falcon

For gamers who love to disassemble consoles and turn them into works of art, this DIY list of instructions will have your Xbox innards transplanted into Kenner's 1979 toy version of the Millennium Falcon. Now you too can play some of the latest Star Wars games while your Han Solo and Chewbacca action figures man the cockpit of the infamous smuggler's ship.

But be warned: it's not a simple procedure. The modding process includes taking apart the falcon, grinding down the inner legs, and even cutting out six holes for the fans, using a dremal. The author of the instructions used blue LED 30-mm fans, and lined them all up in the ship's rear drive units. The composite jacks are mounted in the escape pod, with the Ethernet jack mounted just below. The power cable is plugged in on the rear leg just behind the escape pod.

As for the Xbox console's motherboard, it sits within the back half of the ship where the action figures usually sit, play chess, or hide in the floor. All that has been remove to make way for the console's innards and power supply. The instructions also show how to install the HDD and LAN lights, as well as install the DVD tray.

In the end, no only does the toy Millennium Falcon host the internal organs of an Xbox console, but it's also lit up with loads of blue lighting, making for an excellent conversation piece or a nightlight for those who are scared of the dark. Preferably a whiter color should have been chosen to give the Falcon a more realistic effect.

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