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USB Flash Drives: Speed Vs. Capacity

OCZ Rally 2 Turbo 4 GB


OCZ, known (and recognized) for computer memory, has steadily expanded its product offerings over the last several years. While still a highly respected brand in the memory world, OCZ has made a name for itself with power supplies, memory cards, SSD drives, peripherals, and USB flash drives. The Rally 2 Turbo flash drive is a high-end model, with very impressive performance claims. This is not unlike Corsair, a memory manufacturer who also offers the very good Voyager GT and Survivor GT.

Cap loss risk

That said, let’s turn our attention to the Rally’s design. This is a key with a very classic design: long and slender, but of modest size - 2.2 inches long and a little over .6 inches wide. The shell is black aluminum, with a cap to protect the USB connector. Unlike the 4 GB Firestix from Buffalo, however, there’s no way to keep the cap attached to the drive when plugged into a USB port, which increases the risk of losing it. The key comes with a lanyard and extension cable.

Finally, a rival for the Corsair GT

We were highly impressed by the performance of the Rally 2 – its speeds were identical if not better than those posted by the GT models from Corsair. In the case of large file write speeds, the Rally 2 came in with a speed of 22.6 MB/sec., compared to 21.1 MB/sec. with the Corsair Voyager GT.

The 4 GB of storage can be filled in just under3 minutes. As for read speeds, the two keys had the same 27.9 MB/sec rate, also with large files. The drive can be emptied of its contents in 2 minutes, 20 seconds.

OCZ Rally 2 Turbo 4 GB
  • Excellent speeds!
  • Ships with lanyard and extension cable
  • Pleasing design
  • Cap can get lost
  • OCZ wants to play in the bigs, and proves they can with this truly fast USB key. The only criticism comes from inability to keep the cap attached the drive when in use.