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Toshiba's 3D Smart TVs Include ARM Dual-Core CPU

Expect CPUs with two and four cores to make their way into smart TVs this year. Among the first new TVs announced at CES 2012 are Toshiba's L6200 and L7200 series, which integrate dual-core ARM processors to deliver a "a fully immersive and comfortable 3D experience" in a smart TV. Included is a 2D-to-3D conversion engine that allows viewers to "watch movies and TV in 3D, and even play standard video games in 3D, all the time."

The L6200 and L7200 feature passive 3D TVs that do not require battery-powered glasses, but deliver a 3D experience in 1080p with simple passive glasses (four pairs are included with each TV). The L6200 will be available in 42-, 47- and 55-inch screen sizes, and feature 120 Hz refresh rates. The L7200, available in 47- and 55-inch class screen sizes, will be running at 240 Hz.

Both series feature a bezel-less design, are compatible with Android devices. The latter feature will enable users to remotely control the TVs from Android phones and tablets, and share web-based content from a Toshiba Tablet via the web browser on the TV.