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Samsung's First 3D HDTV: The Good and Bad

TechRadar recently reviewed Samsung's 40-inch 40C7000 3D HDTV, apparently the first of its kind in the UK. There's a lot riding on the first generation of 3D HDTVs: if the technology doesn't initially make a goof first impression, then 3D technology may fall out of the public eye again.

Naturally there are a few hurdles 3D must overcome to really sink its teeth into the consumer's wallets: the price of the glasses, the availability of actual 3D content, viewer comfort and so on. On the content side, Samsung's 40C7000 hits the nail on the head, offering the ability to convert 2D video into 3D. And what happens if you throw a party? Are you going to purchase multiple 3D glasses?

Overall the HDTV scored rather well. The site points out that the new HDTV is more than just a platform for 3D, serving as a "home entertainment hub" with USB and Internet functions, a "host of user parameters," and a great potential for expansion.

But on the negative side, TechRadar felt that the 3D functions would work better on an HDTV larger than this 40-inch model. There's also the whole price issue: forcing consumers to purchase additional shutter glasses and a 3D-capable Blu-ray player. The price may not justify a possibly passing fad. Worse, TechRadar said that sometimes things would appear in the wrong order of depth. A person's head for example, would appear in the foreground whereas his body would be in the background.

To get the whole positives and negatives about Samsung's first 3D HDTV, read the full 4-page review here.