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Rock Band 3 Launching Oct. 26, Pre-Order Now

At E3 we saw the Harmonix crew demonstrate the amazing 102-button guitar that's part of Rock Band 3's pro mode. Also supported in the latest installment of Rock Band is the keyboard for aspiring pianists and a real, stringed, hybrid guitar that works outside of the game. If you have this controller, Rock Band 3 will teach you to play all the songs by showing you how to play different scales and chords. That's right, Rock Band 3 actually involves a real guitar. It's safe to say this is the most excited we've been for a new Rock Band title since the series launched in 2007.

Harmonix and MTV Games today announced that the game has hit pre-order status at GameStop, Walmart and Amazon, and will be in stores on October 26. Minus any of the hardware (for those of us who already have all the old instruments at home and aren't interested in the new ones), the game is priced at $59.99.

The 102-button pro controller will reportedly retail for about $150, while the keyboard will be available with the game for $130 or for $80 without the game. There's also supposedly a MIDI PRO-Adapter that lets musicians use real keyboards or drums to play RB3 ($40) and a set of three new cymbals ($40) for all wireless drum kits, which provide quieter hi-hat, crash and ride cymbals for use in both standard and pro mode. No word on how much that super cool hybrid Squier Stratocaster will cost, though.