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LED Video Table Plays Movies, Games

Although not quite as nifty as an armored golf cart, the LED video table from Customized Designs would be rather cool to have in the living room or gaming area. According to the manufacturer, the device can connect to any video feed, whether its from a laptop or an iPod Touch.

This might be ideal when you want to play a game while the significant other watches soap operas on the TV, or if you want to display a subliminal message to keep those nasty feet off the furniture.

The drawback to this gadget is that it's not cheap by any means-- the basic version without video feeds costs just under $1499. For an additional $150, Customized Designs will throw in the LED underglow lighting as seen in the image. There's also an option to purchase a netbook with pre-programmed visuals, costing an extra $350.

The table actually looks rather simple: a 32-inch LCD screen mounted onto an upright backbox. The specs reveal that the tabletop consists of 3/8-inch glass to protect the LCD from spills and scratches. The actual dimensions of the box are 37 (W) x 25 (D) x 20 (H), and comes in various finishes.