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Titanic is Being Converted to 3D for 2012 Release

The past year in cinema has been all about 3D. Though there were obviously 3D movies before 2009, the technology wasn't nearly as popular. Now, it seems as though every big movie to hit theaters is available in both two and three dimensions. James Cameron's Avatar is probably the most famous 3D movie we've seen to date, and it sounds like Cameron is all set to churn out another 3D flick.

James Cameron has a long list of incredibly successful movies under his belt and among them is the hugely popular Titanic. 2012 marks the hundred-year anniversary of the actual Titanic and to honor that Cameron says he's going to convert the movie to 3D for release in April 2012.

The news was revealed in a recent LA Times story about the hundreth birthday of Titanic actress Gloria Stuart. The LA Times quotes Cameron, who attended the party to celebrate a century of Gloria Stuart, and reveals he's planning to convert the movie to 3D.

"Gloria's so alive, and her creativity, her artistry and the sparkle in her eyes is a challenge to all of us to live as fully and richly as she has and will continue to do as she heads into her 101st year," said the director, who's converting the blockbuster into 3-D for re-release in April 2012, the 100th anniversary of the ship's sinking. "We all love you, Gloria, and not just because about half of the people in this room are the direct or indirect product of your loins."

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(via The LA Times)