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Hulu Plus Launches with Xbox, PS3, iPad Support

Described by Hulu as "a new, revolutionary ad-supported subscription product that is incremental and complementary to the existing Hulu service," Hulu Plus full seasons of shows already available on regular Hulu on a limited basis. This includes shows like Modern, Family Guy, Glee, The Office, 30 Rock, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Parks & Recreation, Parenthood, House and Saturday Night Live.

Costing $10 per month, the service also gives users access to shows that aren't running anymore (like Arrested Development, the X-Files and Ally McBeal). With all this extra content, Hulu is also adding support for the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch (streaming via WiFi and 3G) and Samsung-connected TVs. Support for PS3 is reportedly coming this July, while Xbox 360 support will comes as part of a "custom experience" in Xbox Live Gold in early 2011.

Who's interested?

  • cekasone
    I enjoy Hulu and all it has to offer, but I hardly utilize my Netflix subscription so this would be another $10 down the drain for me.
  • David the Gnome
    So I get to pay $10 a month and still get ads? Great!
  • sliem
    David is right. "ad-supported subscription product" wtf? Subscription should not have any ads. Idiots.
  • eloplayspolo
    or u can get a xbox live subscription and pay under 8 dollars a month.
  • vertigo_2000
    I doubt this will be available for me in Canada (normal Hulu isn't)... even though I own a PS3.

    Come on Hulu!! Open up to Canada already! >:(
  • Kelavarus
    If it had no ads, I'd be interested, what with the X-Files and other shows I'd like to watch on there. But paying $10 and getting ads seems kind of sad. Though, on the other hand, $10 isn't much, and you get ads on your TV for more in the first place. So... Not sure. My Internet sucks enough it's not worth it anyway.
  • Canada gets screwed by the crtc. A useless government organization that gets paid off by the big cable companies to not allow anything that doesn't stream through a Canadian network website. Rubbish!
  • Hellbound
    I wont pay to watch ads. Remove the ads from paid subscriptions and I'll think about it.
  • mel_gibson_
    Pay for TV episodes when I can download them on BitTorrent for free AND with no ads? Obviously, there is a large supply of airplane glue at Hulu corporate.
  • DavidB
    Will never pay for ads. I have netflix and mainly use it for streaming now.