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Hulu Plus Does NOT Require PSN Plus

Hulu Plus launched last week and soon after it was revealed that Sony's PS3 would support the new TV service. However, source code for the Hulu Plus page suggested PlayStation users would need to be PSN Plus subscribers if they wanted Hulu Plus.

Now Hulu support staff are telling users not to worry; Hulu Plus will be available for regular PSN users too. So why did the source code say otherwise? Apparently Hulu Plus will require PSN Plus in its preview stages. Kotaku cites Hulu staff as saying PSN Plus is "only a requirement during the preview period" and that once Hulu Plus launches for the general public, any PS3 user will be able to subscribe.

Hulu Plus is arriving on the PS3 this month, while support for the Xbox 360 will come via a "custom experience" for Xbox Live Gold in early 2011.