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Sony's Google TV Gets an Early Debut in NYC

Google announced Google TV back in May and, though the launch is rumored to be happening in the fall, we've yet to see anything from official partner Sony, who is supposed to be releasing a line of TVs for the entertainment platform.

Sony has a Google TV event scheduled for October 12, so we won't have to wait long to get the full scoop on these new HDTVs. However, if you think the waiting game sucks, Best Buy is coming to your rescue. Yesterday at an event in NYC, the retailer was showing off its Holiday line-up to the press and guess what made an appearance?

That's right, nestled among the hot HDTVs up for grabs at Best Buy this season was a Sony Bravia Google TV. HDGuru snagged a few pictures of the 46-incher and noted that the Google demo utilized a wireless USB dongle in the back of the display. A Google spokesperson was on hand to demo search, browsing, and streaming. Not demoed was the ability to use your Android smartphone or iPhone as a remote control. Dedicated icons for for YouTube, Farmville, CNN and more could be seen on the Google TV homescreen.

Source: HDGuru