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Aire Concept Generates Energy From Your Breathing

The aptly named AIRE is the latest attempt of many to come up with innovative new sources for renewable energy. While small in the grand scheme of things, every little bit does help. Harnessing the energy in human breath to generate enough electricity to charge small household electronic devices (namely, iPhones and iPods), the AIRE is essentially a device charging face mask that goes over your mouth and nose.

It takes energy from the human’s breath cycle and transfers it to the device via a small cable. It is not the most stylish device (unless you’re going for a cosplay of Mortal Kombat’s iconic Sub-Zero), however it is still a conceptual item with much development, marketing, and production to go through—if it comes to market at all.

It can be used while performing any activity—sleeping, driving, working out, and cooking— particularly since it requires no extra action on the user’s part besides breathing to function. It can also let the user practice breathing exercises if desired to help calm the subject down or exercise their lungs.


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