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Sony to Make Big 3D Push in 2010

Yesterday the Financial Times reported that Sony plans to sell 3D television worldwide by the end of next year (2010). The report stems from an announcement to be made today in Berlin by Sony Chief Executive Officer Howard Stringer. He is also slated to reveal that--in addition to the 3D Bravia TVs--Vaio laptops, PlayStation 3 consoles, and Blu-Ray disc players will also be compatible with 3D technology.

CNET, attending the Sony press conference at IFA, said that the upcoming 3D TVs will provide a high frame rate and 1920 x 1080 per eye. Sony plans to release the compatible Blu-Ray disc players thereafter, and somehow the PlayStation 3, as reported yesterday, will play a role as well (perhaps a firmware update?).

“3D is clearly on its way to the mass market," says Stringer. "As with high-definition a few years back, there are a variety of issues yet to be addressed. But the 3D train is on the track and we at Sony are ready to drive it home."

According to the Times Online, there is no set standard for 3D technology, and predicts that there may eventually be a format war. For Sony, the company will use the "active shutter" method, consisting of electronic glasses containing small shutters. These shutters blink rapidly in time with the image on the television, creating a 3D effect without the need for blues and reds.