The advice I'd give my younger self, who couldn't stop breaking phones

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Whenever I buy a new smartphone, a timer somewhere starts ticking, counting down to the moment I end up breaking it. I'm not clumsy, per se, but I don't replace phones because they're out of date. I replace them because I screw up.

I wish I could travel back in time and give my younger self one piece of advice: Get Verizon Mobile Protect. Whether the problem is a cracked screen, a waterlogged phone or me having accidentally left it in the back of a cab, this premium offering has my back when my unstoppable butterfingers can't hold onto my phone if my life depended on it. Let's walk through my sad history of smashed screens and see how Verizon would have taken care of me.

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The Standard "Drop and Smash"

My first mishap of many is one everyone is familiar with. I was on my way into a concert and dropped my phone on the concrete steps. It was nearly cracked beyond use. At the time, I had to deal with it. I walked around for months, unable to see half my screen. Today, though, I'd be able to get my screen fixed through Verizon Mobile Protect. It offers eligible customers cracked-screen repair at no extra cost.

This "drop and smash" happened during my days of being a total cheapskate, so paying hundreds for a new phone was out of the question. But this plan is only $17 a month for one line, with a $99 damage deductible, so the most you'd pay to repair your device is $99. That's a much more reasonable option.

A phone in a puddle

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Lost in the Lagoon

My most notable lost-phone fiasco happened at a theme park. My wife and I were getting off a slow-moving boat ride. My phone was in the side pocket of my bag. I stood up, my phone shifted and we both watched in horror as it bounced off the front of the boat and into the water.

Even if we could have rescued my phone from the briny depths, there wasn't enough rice on the planet to recover it. Today, though, Verizon has me covered from a wide swath of issues including loss, theft, damage (including liquid) and post-warranty malfunctions.

When you're on vacation, the last thing you want is to be without your phone. I had to manage the rest of that trip without GPS, being able to take photos or hearing from my day-to-day life. If I'd had Verizon Mobile Protect, I wouldn't have missed a step thanks to its same-day delivery and seamless setup. 

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Work-Trip Disappearance

I go to New York for a work trip. I get a cab heading into town. I pay cash. I go see a play. I check for my phone, cannot find it and have a sudden flashback of it sitting next to me on the seat. I left it in the cab, and who knows where it is now?

Don't get me wrong—I like my phone, but I care more about the data on it than I do about the phone itself. Today, if someone else gets their hands on my device, it's got 24/7 digital security, privacy tools and Tech Coach expert support. Verizon also provides options to recover my data even if the device is damaged. This plan can't make me be more careful with my phone, but it certainly can make my mishaps a little more affordable. 

Another problem I've run into when I'm on work trips is battery life. I can't stay plugged into a wall charger all day, especially when I'm out and about in a place like New York. With this plan, you can get a fast battery replacement at a Verizon-authorized repair facility to make sure your phone isn't losing charge the moment you unplug it. 

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Less Worry. More Coverage.

One in six customers lost, damaged or had their phone stolen in 2023. Just hearing that number makes me break out in hives. Don't be like me. Make sure your phone is covered so you can relax.

Customers can sign up for Verizon Mobile Protect or any other device protection option that fits their needs. Eligible customers can sign up during open enrollment through April 13 at and on the MyVerizon app. Check out the link to see all the eligibility rules and benefits.

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