Bought a Samsung Galaxy S24? Here’s how to keep it fully protected with the TORRAS screen protector and Ostand case

A TORRAS Ostand phone case
(Image credit: TORRAS)

If you’ve decided to invest in a high-end smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S24, the absolute last thing you need is a cracked screen or a chipped case. But protection often comes at a price: cases can diminish the sleek design of your phone, and screen protectors can reduce display quality.

Fortunately, neither of these things apply with the TORRAS Diamond Shield Screen Protector and Ostand case. In fact, both products actually add functionality and make your phone even more luxurious to use.

Let’s start with the screen protector. First of all, it’s easy to fit. TORRAS has created their own custom glue that helps avoid bubbles, and they estimate you can get the protector in place in just 15 seconds. Take a look at this video to see how easy it is:

Making a strong glass screen protector for a phone is tricky, because the process of strengthening the glass has the unfortunate side-effect of changing how it transmits light. When glass is treated with heat or chemicals to make it harder, its structure is changed in such a way that light passing through it is scattered to some degree. This results in light loss, and imperfect color fidelity.

TORRAS didn’t want to create a protector that reduces the quality of your screen. Quite the opposite - they wanted to make it better! So they undertook a long process of research and development to come up with a way of tempering glass that does not introduce impurities and create the uneven structure that disrupts the light rays that pass through it. Not only that, the technique they engineered actually makes the glass three times harder than normal tempered glass. So that’s what you get with this case - it makes your screen three times harder without affecting the display.

Two people using phones with TORRAS cases

(Image credit: TORRAS)

But that’s not all. As a manufacturer specializing in the material of screens, TORRAS wants to do more than just protect your display. They want to enhance your enjoyment of it. So they set out two goals: to improve both the visual and tactile experience that you have with your screen.

To make looking at your phone better, TORRAS targeted that frequent interruptor of phone enjoyment: reflections. Shininess is always going to be a built-in problem with glass surfaces, but TORRAS has made strides in improving the situation by developing an anti-glare coating that makes your screen easier to see, even in bright sunlight.

To make your screen smoother to the touch, TORRAS developed yet another special coating for the glass. It repels both water and oil, so your phone is less inclined to gather fingerprints and smudges, and also makes the screen surface silky smooth so that your fingertips glide over it more easily.

The Ostand

The TORRAS Ostand phone case

(Image credit: TORRAS)

Now onto the case. The Ostand case has been designed to be as thin and minimal as possible while also providing rugged protection. You can’t see them, but the corners of the case have shock absorbing bumpers that protect your phone from impacts the equivalent of being dropped from up to 12 feet.

But, as with the screen protector, TORRAS doesn’t just want to protect; they want to enhance. So this case comes with a multifunctional and ingeniously designed retractable ring that sits flat inside the back of the case. Its functionality is threefold. Firstly, it’s magnetic, so you can use it to stick your phone to any metal surface. 

Secondly, it can be positioned anywhere within a sweep of 0 - 120 degrees, so you can use it as a stand to set your phone at the perfect angle for taking photographs or watching videos. 

Lastly, the O ring is intended to make your phone easier to hold. Most phones are quite big now, so they’re not that comfortable to hold, especially if you have smaller hands. The O fits in your palm and you can close your hand around it to get a good grip in a more natural position. 

And no matter how much you use it, the O ring’s strong hinge won’t let you down. TORRAS tested it and found it was still good after 30,000 uses. 

Accessories that are worthy of the S24

If you’ve got a high-end phone, you need high-end accessories - and that’s what TORRAS delivers. Don’t get a good phone and then go and cheapen the whole experience for yourself with some inferior case and screen guard. Instead, enhance your phone with these add-ons that give you a better screen and a handy stand.