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Xbox could launch lower-end Project Scarlett alongside more powerful model in 2020

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The rumors of two next-gen Xbox models may have been true all along. While Microsoft has been touting the upcoming Project Scarlett as a single, ultra-powerful console that's launching in Holiday 2020, a new report suggests that it'll be joined by a cheaper, discless variation.

According to a report from Kotaku citing several people briefed on Microsoft's plans, Scarlett may launch in two versions as first rumored in 2018. One model, codenamed Anaconda, would have the ultra-powerful specs we've already seen in Microsoft's marketing. The other, codenamed, Lockhart, would be a discless, digital only console that would retail for a lower price.

This two-machine approach would line up with what Microsoft currently offers: the $499 Xbox One X,  which delivers 4K visuals and improved performance, and the $299 Xbox One S, which can stream 4K entertainment content but plays games in 1080p. Microsoft also released an Xbox One S All-Digital Edition earlier this year, lending further weight to the possibility of the company doing another discless console over the next generation.

According to the Kotaku report, the Anaconda console will target 4K, 60 frame-per-second gameplay , while Lockhart will aim for consistent 1440p action at 60fps. The high-end Scarlett is confirmed to pack a custom AMD Zen 2 CPU and GDDR6 RAM for advanced features such as maximum 8K resolution, 120 fps gameplay and ray tracing. No word yet on potential Lockhart specs, but one source that spoke to Kotaku suggested it may be comparable to a PS4 Pro in terms of performance.

If Microsoft does indeed have a second Xbox coming at the end of next year, E3 2020 in June seems like a likely place for it to show up. Until then, be sure to check out our roundup of everything we know about Project Scarlett.