VPN deal: CyberGhost offers 6 months free plus a year of PassCamp's password manager for just $2.75/mo

Cyberghost vpn deal
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We rate CyberGhost as one of the best VPN services on the market. It delivers excellent streaming functionality alongside top privacy and an excellent no-logging policy for a great price – and it’s currently offering 18 months for the price of 12.

Now, though, CyberGhost has teamed up with PassCamp to offer users a fantastic privacy bundle of its VPN service plus PassCamp’s Premium Password Managerall for just $2.75 a month. To put that into perspective, PassCamp’s personal password manager usually goes for €2.50, meaning that you’ll be paying less for both services than you would if you signed up to PassCamp alone.

This sort of team-up is nothing new in the VPN world, but getting two premium web security plans for less than $3 a month is nothing short of unprecedented. However, these deals can come and go in a flash, so if you think you’d benefit from bagging a leading password manager for free alongside one of the top VPNs available today, we’d make the most of this before it’s gone.

CyberGhost VPN + PassCamp password manager for just $2.75/mo18 months for the price of 12

CyberGhost VPN + PassCamp password manager for just $2.75/mo
This seems like the deal that keeps on giving. Starting off with CyberGhost, you’ll get 18 months for the price of 12. That’s not all though, as CyberGhost has teamed up with PassCamp to offer 12 months of its Premium Password Manager absolutely free. 

Why is this CyberGhost deal so good?

CyberGhost is a staple of many of our VPN guides, including best torrenting VPN, best Netflix VPN, best streaming VPN and best iPlayer VPN, and it’s the perfect choice for those who want a huge range of servers as well as great support and streaming power.

However, combining the already cheap CyberGhost with PassCamp’s Premium Password Manager adds massive value, and should help shore up all of your logins and subscriptions twofold – CyberGhost can stop any prying eyes, and PassCamp can make sure your logins are as uncrackable as possible.

If you’re after our top-rated VPN, we’d recommend ExpressVPN. It’s powerful and has more features than CyberGhost, but at $6.67 a month it’s a fair bit more expensive – even disregarding PassCamp’s inclusion. If you’re looking for something cheaper, then Surfshark offers excellent cover for under $2 a month, but again, if you need your passwords looking after as well, this CyberGhost deal probably offers better value than anything else out there right now.

So, if you need to double up your web security, this deal offers incredible value – but we don’t know when it’ll end, so you might have to act quickly.

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