Purple launches new Purple Plus mattress and it's a big win for comfier sleep

Purple launches new Purple Plus mattress with deluxe cushioning for comfier sleep: A smiling couple sit on the Purple Plus mattress
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Purple has launched its brand new mattress the Purple Plus, a foam-based model designed to provide a cooler night’s sleep, with prices starting from $1,099 at Purple. The new Purple Plus is a comfort upgrade compared to the brand’s original model, thanks to an additional 2-inch layer of premium foam dishing out deluxe cushioning for your entire body. 

Purple Plus: key spec

Release date: 19 August 2021
Prices: From $1,099 to $2,598
Sizes: Twin to split king
Benefits: Deluxe cushioning; breathable for cooler sleep; reacts quickly when you change position
Trial period: 100 nights
Limited warranty: 10 years 

The Purple Plus is available to buy online from the brand’s website today, with a queen size costing $1,699 (full pricing below). Considering how Purple's original offering is still one of the best mattresses you can buy, we're very excited by the arrival of this new Purple mattress.

Foam models are supportive and contouring (good for anyone with aches and pains) but they can sleep warm. The new premium foam used in the Purple Plus is designed to be more breathable than the brand’s standard foam. The purpose? To help you sleep cooler and not be woken up because you’re too warm.

Head below for more details on the Purple Plus mattress, including the full pricing, available sizes, design and features. 

Purple Plus Mattress | Save up to $100 | From $1,074Save up to $10

Purple Plus Mattress | Save up to $100 | From $1,074
Save up to $100 – Purple is celebrating the launch of its newest mattress by offering up to $100 off the listing price. The Plus would suit those who prefer the comfort and support of foam, but need a breathable model to avoid overheating during sleep. Like its siblings, it comes on a 100-night trial and has a 10-year warranty.

The new Purple Plus Mattress shown on a gray color bed frame with light wood legs

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Purple Plus mattress: Prices and sizes

The Purple Plus is now the fourth mattress in the brand’s range for teens and adults, but its fifth overall if you count the Kids Mattress too. The Plus sits between the entry level Purple (from $599; read our Purple Mattress review for more on that one) and the Purple Hybrid (from $1,499). The Purple Hybrid Premier (from $2,099) remains the most expensive. Take a look at our Purple promo codes page for ways to lower the cost. 

How much does the Purple Plus mattress cost? Unbelievably, it's already included among the latest Purple mattress deals with up to $100 off. Without an offer, the full pricing and list of sizes available to buy is as follows:

  • Purple Plus twin: $1,099 
  • Purple Plus twin XL: $1,299 
  • Purple Plus full: $1,499
  • Purple Plus queen: $1,699 
  • Purple Plus king: $2,099
  • Purple Plus Cal king: $2,099
  • Purple Plus split king: $2,598

Hybrid models can skimp a little on motion isolation compared to the best memory foam mattresses, so the Purple Plus should appeal to those who want a greater choice between the brand’s foam models.

Like all of Purple’s mattresses, the Plus comes on a 100-night risk-free trial but you have to test it for a minimum of 21 days before qualifying for a complete refund if you're not happy with it. A 10-year limited warranty also applies.

A woman with dark hair and wearing purple pajamas sits on the Purple Plus mattress

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Purple Plus mattress: Design and features

The new Purple mattress is an upgrade in terms of comfort and cooling performance compared to its original mattress in a box. The Plus is made of the following:

  • Breathable SoftFlex cover
  • 2-inch GelFlex Grid layer with 1,400+ open-air channels
  • 2-inch layer of premium high-density foam for deluxe cushioning
  • Firmer 3-inch layer of supportive memory foam

What makes the Purple Plus stand out from the Original is the additional 2-inch layer of premium foam placed directly underneath the GelFlex Grid. 

The new premium foam is designed to react more quickly to your body's pressure and movement. So as soon as you turn over or wriggle into a new position, the mattress should respond to your body faster.

That same premium foam layer is also more breathable than Purple’s standard foam. Together with the GelFlex Grid’s 1,400+ open-air channels and a breathable SoftFlex Cover, the Purple Plus mattress aims to boost airflow to help you sleep cooler.

3 highlights of the new Purple Plus mattress

1. It's designed to offer more dynamic support
Those not keen on the squishy, gel-like feel of the original Purple may find more support with the Purple Plus. For enhanced support, the additional 2-inch premium foam layer is made to work in tandem with the GelFlex Grid for improved cushioning and faster reaction to every movement you make in bed. 

On top of that you get the no-pressure support of Purple's GelFlex Grid, which cradles your pressure points in the hips and shoulders and ensures proper spinal alignment. We'll report back on how this performs in real life in our upcoming Purple Plus review.

For an alternative that's more affordable too, take a look at our Saatva Classic mattress review as that model is a superb choice for full body support and comfort too.

The Purple Plus Mattress has a white top and gray bottom

(Image credit: Purple)

2. It uses breathable foam for cooler sleep
Although memory foam is notorious for trapping heat, the Purple Plus mattress seeks to improve upon that issue with a 2-inch layer of premium foam designed to promote better airflow than standard foam. 

Together with the 1,400+ open-air channels in the GelFlex Grid, plus the breathable SoftFlex cover, warm sleepers might be ok on this mattress. We're looking forward to reviewing these cooling features ourselves.

3. It's more affordable for a premium mattress
The Purple Plus mattress may be a $500 increase over the Original, but it's still among the more affordable mattresses in its class. For example, the MSRP for the Purple Plus is on par with the comparable Nectar Premier memory foam mattress. It's more expensive than the Saatva Classic though, which is pretty close to perfect for support and comfort - read our Saatva Classic Mattress review to see why we rate it so highly.

Traditionally, Purple has been generous with its pre-Christmas sales, so we have high hopes of seeing a price drop on the new Purple Plus when the Black Friday mattress deals flood in. We'll let you know as soon as we spot them.

Overall, while we haven't yet reviewed the Purple Plus, we're keen to experience what Purple's new premium foam can do in terms of cooling, comfort and support. If the Original model is too basic for you, but you can't stretch to the cost of the Hybrid, the Plus could be an ideal half-way point. It comes on a 100-night trial like its siblings, so you'll have ample time to put it to the test in your own home.

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